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"Guide to the Calixis Sector" by Black Industries

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Hi guys!


I was wondering...

While reading up on more detailed information on the Calixis Sector, on the Lexicanum wiki, I kept stumbling over bibliography mentions of a "Guide to the Calixis Sector", aparently published by Black Library, before they moved all the Dark Heresy stuff to FFG.

I know that FFG has a page, title exactly that way. But comparing that page, well more like a list of planets and their location and type, to the information on Lexicanum, I guess the BI PDF must contain much more. (I was checking Sepheris Secundus, after playing Edge of Darkness with my crew, and the information there is much more than I could find anywhere else, including pictures of the Queen of S.S.)

However, there is no trace of this document on the web, at least none that I could find, other than several mentiones on Calixis Sector sub-pages on Lexicanum and one or two "does anybody have this PDF" on other forums. It seems to me, that this document (always mentioned to be a PDF) was free to download. Or was it? Pay-for-PDF?

So, I guess asking here would be the most logical thing to do. Anybody got more info? Maybe even the PDF, if it was circulated for free?


Thanks a bunch for any light shed on this


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So here's what I found.


Basically the Lexicanum as usual is a heap of lies and heresy.


There isn't a pdf called "The Guide to the Calixis Sector:


That's what Black Industries called the sector page they had on their site with all the fan created information on it before FFG got the license.


When that got taken over FFG didn't copy all the information (likely rites issues) just the planet list.


Some fans got together and copied all the relevant planet information (stuff about government and inquisition stuff made it word for word into the core rulebook) and made "The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia"


That's only missing the information on Tranch, which I found using the wayback machine for www.blackindustries.com


tl;dr don't trust sources from Lexicanum. Ross Watson knows what he's talking about, and rpggeek has a really good summary of Dark Heresy 1st edition on it apparently.

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