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Homebrewed Magnus

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So on 16 December 2011 Sidisessinu created a fun little power he called Spiritus Tellum (Aka Devil Arms). I've been scouring the forum for a while and have mostly been a lurker, casually enjoying Elric's and many other user's homebrew on the game. I however quickly fell in love with Spiritus Tellum, but couldn't help but feel it to be a bit..... unfinished....


So I decided to put my own spin on it and add/change a couple of things. Either way: just to put it in here, my thanks to Sidisessinu for his wonderful work :D


Spiritus Telum: Devil Arms
Requirements: Attack Ability 150+, Defense Ability 150+, Inhumanity, Occult 100+, 10 Willpower, 10 Power
Base Weapon: None
DP Cost: 50    MK Cost: 60
Weapons (Though these items can be anything from armor to jewelry and accessories to actual weapons, for the intent of this magnus they will be referred to as weapons.) of this magnus are crafted from the soul, essence, remains of Great Beasts or Devils that have fallen in battle. These weapon harness a portion of the power of the being they were created from and granting that power to their wielder. Each weapon is unique and supernatural due to being not of this world. No two of these weapons, unless made in a set, grant they same abilities. If a weapon was created as a set, all the pieces must be used to obtain the power of the weapons.
These weapons can be both conventional weapons as well as unconventional ones, dependant on the creature they come from. If they fall into a category of another type of Impossible Weapons, that Magnus must be purchased before the user of Spiritus Telum is capable of using the weapon. The conventional weapons impart basic proficiency if the character does not already have it, but only for use of that specific weapon.
Damage: The weapons (those that are actual weapons) use the base damage of the weapon plus bonus damage based on the quality and special abilities of the weapon. Those that are not weapons in shape or form add only their quality and special bonuses to the character's damage.
Quality: Due to their other-worldly origins and uniqueness, these weapons are of +5 quality or higher, depending on the strength of the being they were created from to a maximum of +25. Quality is determined according to the table below
Gnosis 0-15: +5 Quality
Gnosis 20-25: +10 Quality
Gnosis 30-35: +15 Quality
Gnosis 40: +20 Quality
Gnosis 45+: +25 Quality
Dominance: As these weapons are created from the soul and essence of other-worldly being's a fragment of their conciseness and personality remain in the weapon. A character with that has this Magnus that wants to wield one of these weapons must pass an opposed WP check to  master the spirit of the weapon. The weapons WP is a base of 10 with 1 added for each +5 of weapon quality. (So 12 for the +10, 13 for the +15, and so on.) Those that wish to bind themselves to a weapon the first time must make the opposed willpower check or have their spirit consumed by the weapon resulting in a loss of 5 presence and consequently 1 level and causes the user to gain the disadvantage 'easily possessed' (This however does not give the user an additional cp). The creature within the weapon can then, at any point, take over the user as long as the user has the weapon on his body.
Special Abilities: The weapons' special properties are pulled from the Essential abilities and creature powers in Chapter 26 of the Core book. The weapons have DP equal to half their presence for acquiring abilities and powers and are treated like creatures with Gnosis 10 and must fit the creature the weapon is made of. In certain situations, should the GM allow it the user may gain any of the special abilities of the creature generally not buyable with dp. The cost of these abilities is up to GM interpretation. The presence of these weapons is the presence of the base creature + the presence bonus gained from quality, any time the player would receive experience the weapon will also gain experience equal to 75% of the player's gained experience.
Multiple Use: Those with a Spiritus Telum can create several weapons from different beings, but are only capable of gaining the benefits from 1 at any given time and capable of only keeping 1 on their physical body at any given time, should the user of Spiritus Tellum wield more than a single weapon on their body these weapons will attempt opposed willpower checks on one another, upon a loss the weapon loses any abilities it had and crumbles away into dust. Upon a draw the weapons will both lay dormant and lose their abilities for a week after which they will attempt another opposed willpower check should the user not have removed at least one from his physical form.
Ritual: In order to create these weapons a ritual must be attempted. This ritual requires an occult roll with a difficulty equal to the creature's level x 20 + 2 X the creature's Gnosis. These rituals require the user to bind these weapons to themselves by forming a ritual circle on the ground around the being's essence or remains in their own blood. Depending on the level and Gnosis of the being the user must sacrifice 10 life points per level of the being + the gnosis of the being in life points and a cost of ki equal to the gnosis of the being must be paid. If the occult roll fails there is varying results dependant on the level of the failure
-1 to -20: The user loses the health they sacrificed and ki as normal but the pact is not established and the materials used for the ritual (such as the being's essence or body) are consumed
-21 to -50: As above but the user additionally loses half their current fatigue and half their ki points.
-51 to -100: As above but the user additionally loses their a part of their energy permanently to the essence or remains of the being, losing the expended ki points permanently and falls in a coma for a number of days equal to the level of failure / 10
-101 or more: As above but also the sacrificed health is considered a permanent loss.
The ritual will take up approximately 1 day
Broken: Should the weapon break in such a way that it is incapable of being repaired then the weapon will crumble to dust and half the life point and ki cost is permanently subtracted from the user as parts of their life force and energy are pulled away by the being inside. There is no way to reduce or negate this cost as the being inside the weapon does not do this conciously  
Spiritus Telum: Devil Trigger
Requirements:  Spiritus Telum (Devil Arms), Attack Ability 200+, Defense Ability 200+, Transformation: Eliodon, Occult 200+, Zen
Base Weapon: None
DP Cost: 40    MK Cost: 40
Only a character that is able to utilize Transformation: Eliodon, and has mastered the spirit of their weapon, can utilize the full power of the weapon. The weapon grants additional powers to the wielder in their transformed state, in addition to the ones they naturally have, as well as altering their appearance to partially reflect the spirit of the weapon. 
Special Abilities: The weapon's full capabilities awaken when the character transforms with Transformation: Eliodon and has the weapon equipped. When transformed, the weapon is counted as having the gnosis of the base creature for acquiring abilities and powers, or becomes 15 whichever is higher. Also its usable DP becomes its presence instead of half its presence which can be used to buy an additional entirely new set of essential abilities and powers as per chapter 26 of the core book. Besides the increase in gnosis and presence the rules for buying these powers are the same as those of Spiritus Tellum (Devil Arms)
Due to the increased strain on the body, the user must spend 5 ki per turn to use Eliodon form instead of 3.
Multiple Use: The user becomes more adept at using the powers of these weapons and becomes capable of using multiple weapons at once. The user becomes able of using additional Devil Arms equal to their power / 5 rounded up (To a maximum of 4 at 16+ power). Any increases in the user's power score gained from using a Devil Arm does not increase the amount of weapons the user is capable of using.
Using additional Devil Arms at once increases the cost of Transformation: Eliodon by a cumulative 2 (So anyone wielding 2 devil arms at once will have their Transformation: Eliodon form per turn cost increased by 4, resulting in a cost of 7 ki per turn)
Using additional Devil Arms will also provide a cumulative -10 all action penalty for as long as the user keeps the additional Devil Arms on their physical form as the strain on the soul and body of the user is immensely increased
Physical Form: The item can, for a cost of 25 generic ki points, take on its original form. Starting this ability is a passive but the being inside the weapon only transforms at the start at the next turn. When the being takes on its original form the user loses the item temporarily and any benefits that it gives him for as long as the being is in this physical form. Within this form the creature uses its original stats and abilities, but if the weapon gained any levels then the creature will have gained these as well.  This being will act according to the relationship it has with its wielder and will count as a natural being for the purposes of summoning skills . The user can dismiss the being with an active action as keeping it in the world costs 3 generic ki per turn. If the being dies while in its physical form it crumbles into dust, the weapon losing its power
I hope you guys enjoy it and give me some feedback on my work :)
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