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Sergent Killgore in Ravage Magazine

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In the french "Ravage Magazine" of September/October, there are rules for a Tannhauser solo mode,  with a new hero (played as a coach/trainer) : Sergent Killgore, the "mascot" of Ravage Magazine. I have not tried the rules yet.

Killgore will be created in miniature (the green is in progress).

See the character here : http://editions-thermopyles.fr/ravage/index.php?page=killgore

Some years ago, Ravage was the magazine that published the mercenary Wolf.

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Ravage previous promotions were done in partnership with former IP owner Take On You. Wolf was released to promote the original core set release, Irina Bonus pack in summer 2008.

Eva Krämer and John Mac Neal  Winter Packs were published in another French magazine "Jeux sur un Plateau" to promote Operation Novgrorod.

These are the one and only official extensions published in a French magazine.

Sergent Killgore is IMHO just an article created by the Ravage staff to introduce their character in the board game. Also keep in mind that the rules available in France are the Classic version, not the Revised ones, so I won't hold my breath over it.

Anyhow I'll buy the magazine and post a more in depth review.


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The article proposes a way to play a solo game of Tannhauser. It is based on a Deathmatch Mode and is referred as Training Mode.

To do so the player controls a Rookie, team and he is opposed by the Adversary team. In addition to the adversary there is special NPC, Killian « Killgore » Gore.

The author also introduces multiple rules to compensate the fact the player may be inclined to favor his own side.

Killian « Killgore » Gore, the Ghost Shadow

Killgore is more an AI than a regular character. He works for the Adversary but he never participate in a combat, nor does he make a Counterattack. Instead his role is to open Crates and give the Equipment he finds to those who may need it in the Adversary team.

To do so he has a Ghost Shadow Vest who allows him to teleport next to any Adversary character and freely give him Equipment. Of them the author only covers two types: Grenades and healing items.

Killgore characteristics are the following: Combat 5, Physical 5, Mental 6 and Movement 10. He has 4 Wound Level as any Hero but his Values never changes. In addition when being declared the Target of an Attack, the Rookie suffers a 5-dice penalty on his Combat Pool.

Destiny Dices

Destiny Dices (DD) are completely new to the game. The author gives a full description of all four of them but since they don’t exist, you’ll simply use regular 6-sided dices.

There are 4 types of DD:

  • Fist DD
  • Red Compass DD
  • Blue Compass DD
  • Final Assault DD

The Fist DD has 3 Closed Fist faces (1-2-3) and 3 Thumbs Up (4-5-6) faces. It is used as a head-or-tail mechanic.

The Red Compass DD has three different faces: West (1-2), North (3-4) and East (5-6)

The Blue Compass DD has two different face types: West (1-2-3) and East (4-5-6)

To use the Compass DD, the author gives the following rules:

  • East: go right
  • West: go left
  • North: move straight forward

The Final DD has three face types: Skull (1-2), Min (3-4) and Max (5-6).

It is used when an Adversary dies with the following results:

  • Skull: the adversary character is simply removed from the board
  • Min: the adversary makes an attack utilizing his Min Values against the Rookie Max Values.
  • Max: the adversary makes an attack utilizing his Max Values against the Rookie Max Values.

The author however doesn’t explain if it also impacts the Shock Roll or only the Attack Roll.

Special Rules

The Pack Selection is made using the Red or Blue Compass DD. For Heroes roll a Red Compass DD (E: Combat; N: Stamina; W: Command) and Troops a Blue DD (E: Combat; W: Stamina).

Adversary character activation is randomly made by drawing a spare Equipment Token.

An Adversary Character always moves toward the nearest Rookie Character. He attacks as soon as in range and use the remaining Movement points to move away if still alive.

If he cannot move enough to make an attack he keeps at least one Pathfinding between him and the nearest Rookie Character.

If an Adversary Character is wounded but still alive, roll a Fist DD. On a Thumb Up result, he gets a free Counterattack. The author says that this Counterattack us the Adversary new values but it is unclear if it is a typo or a change to the regular rule.

Victory Points are used exclusively to cancel wounds.

Grenades are used only if the Adversary can target at least two or more Rookie Characters.

Smoke Grenades are not used in Training Mode. Instead the author proposes rules for Glue Grenades.

Glue Grenades do not harm the victim when thrown. Instead each Characters who is adjacent to the Smoke Token whether when thrown or when moving loose his next activation.

A Glue Grenade token stays on board only for 2 turns. To mark this, the author suggests placing two unused tokens under the Smoke Token and removing one at the end of each Game Turn.

Killgore miniature & misc. infos

Nothing more than the green of the miniature is shown. We don't know how it will be sold or if it will be pre-painted.


The article says that the Deathmatch Training mode is the first mode described so maybe there will be more articles in the series and, who knows, a full Killgore character description.

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 Hi to everyone down there. i've heard that you're speaking about the article I've wrote in Ravage, and my character, Killgore. I'm the creator of this character, the penciler, and the sculptor either. I've also wrote the article.

Let's make it clear. It's an UNOFFICIAL ARTICLE. I've only made it because I used to play solo in Tannhauser, and that I'm a pal of the frecnh creator of the game, Didier Poli. But it's not official at all, and the character is mine. It's a character made for the Ravage magazine, and I used it in the unofficial Article I've made. We're gonna propose the mini with several game charac, and we're talking with ffg at that time to see if they want a tannhauser unofficial profile, or not. That's all. 

If you have any questions, let me know. By the way, I'm glad to see those unofficial rules were appreciated. Let me know what do you think about them, if you've already tested them.

You can check some stuff here:




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