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Online Game Looking for 1-2 More Players

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Game will only have like once every 2-3 weeks on either a Sat/Sun depending on everyone’s schedules and will be played at noon EST time. I just started BC up this past weekend with home made characters running Broken Chains they got about 1 more session in that but could always use 1-2 more to jump in because not every time we play will be full house.

Send me a PM if you’re interested.

Party right now is:
CSM Champion
CSM Sorcerer
Human Psyker
Human Tech-Priest
Human Renegade (hasn’t played yet not sure if will)

The party dynamic is no one trusts anyone right now and the CSM Sorcerer is getting on everyone’s nerves because he is quite evil but he has been very useful with the killing of Acolytes and Servitors. The rest of the team is semi-even tempered except when the Psyker does a Push on her powers.

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