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A Crown of Bronze and Iron

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 Hi everyone!

This my main Stark deck: an overkill type deck based on Robb Stark, Maester Luwin and Garbalt Glover character abilities.


House Stark 


The Maester's Path 


Arya Stark (core) x1

Catelyn Stark (core) x1

Eddard Stark (core) x1

Hodor  x1

War Host of the North x1

Robb Stark (KoTS) x2

King Robb's Host x1

Old Nan x1

Midnight Sentry x1

House Umber Berserkers x1

Vanguard Scouts x1

Wolf Herald x2

Ser Jorah Mormont x1 

Bran Stark (LoW) x1

Sansa Stark (Kings Landing) x1

Jojen Reed x1

Jeyne Westerling x1

Guard at Riverrun x1

The Blackfish x1

Northern Caverly Flank x2

Maester Luwin x1 

Garbalt Glover x1

Riders of the Red Fork x1

King Robb's Companions x1

Edmure's Host x1

Ranger of winter x1

Reed's Crannogmen x1

Maester Vyman x1


Northern Fiefdom x3

Frozen Moat x1

Frozen outpost x2


Winterfell Castle x1

Kingsroad Fiefdom x1

Training Grounds x1

Godswood x1


Winter is coming x1

To be a wolf x2

Routing the charge x1

Endless Endurance x1

The Hand Judgement x1

Feigned Retreat x1

Wolf Dreams x1

Make an example x1

Guilty x1


Nymeria x1


Grey Wind (Low) x1

Shaggydog (Low) x1

Crown of winter x1

Needle x1

Freezing Rain x1

Apprentice collar x1*

Bronze Link x1*

Tin Link x1*

Black iron link x1*

Steel link x1*

Lead link x1*

*=attached to the agenda


Fury of the wolf

Battle at oxcross

Respect of the old Gods

Storms of swords

The minstrel's muse

Muster the realm




With Garbalt Glover, Luwin and Jeyne, i can endlessly recover event cards and even Robb duplicate fron the discard pile, building at the same time an impressive attack and defence force with armies. This deck proved very worth so far, any suggestions?


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The newest FAQ indicates that you cannot use "search the top X cards of your deck" mechanics with Galbert Glover; searching your deck is not the same as searching the top X cards of your deck, so you can't combo GG with Luwin.  Maester's Path was also given erratta so the chains can only be attached to characters with the printed  Maester trait, so you'll need to add some more Maesters if you want to continue using it.
I'd say use 3x Guard at Riverrun, they are one of Starks primary draw mechanics.  Also, toss the War Host of the North; the 11 STR looks impressive, but they only have one icon and no abilities or keywords, and can be stealthed by 1-cost characters.  There isn't much practical difference between a 7 or 8 STR character and an 11 STR character, and for Army characters with high STR you should try to get some sort of text box effects (deadly, stealth, etc).  Compare the War Host to King Robb's Host and you'll immediately see why War Host is a pretty poor card outside of the Core set.

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usually i discard Robb duplicate and kneel nymeria for death claims, and the hand judcement shields it from event cards. unfortunately the new errata denied the maester luwin/galbart glover combo, so i'm gonna change the deck


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