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legion rules

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Hello folks

after taking a look in rules of the book i was disappointed when i found nothing about special rules for certain legions of chaos space marines

this is troubling for me as i am GM the adventure and players wish to play as legioniares. i have already decided to give them extra xp, but i dont know what else.

i wish rules to be similar to deathwatchs chapter rules but without things such as squad/solo mod ablities , mabye instead of that a special talent for that legion only.

please help me as nothing i come up with satisfy me.

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Read a little bit about the Traitor Legions backround and chose an appropriate skill, an fitting hate talent and one talent. Giving an drawback makes it round. Don't forget to use penalty's if they choose a legion dedicated to a specific chaos god, and getting the Devotion of an other god.

Example: Iron Warriors 
                  Hate: Imperial Fists
                  Hardy or Siegecraft (Imperial Fists skill, Rites of Battle)
                  Has to replace Mutations with Cybernetics, or looses 1W5 Infamy per week until the Mutation is replaced
                  The Legion follows the Undivided Chaos: gets -10 on Fel rolls vs other Iron Warriors if devoted to an single chaos god .

just an idea

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Is it going to be an all-legionare game or legionare and friends style of game?  It will have an impact on how you balance these packages.

One idea (for an all legionare game) is to have each legion giving a +5 alignment bonus, World Eaters +5 Khorne, Emperors Children +5 Slaanesh, Iron Warriors +5 Unaligned etc.  After all, these guys have been heavilly indoctrinated into their various chapter beliefs.  It will also allow for a little more diversity among characters from the same legion without worrying so much about falling away from the favour of their particular god if any.

Just to expland on Zanes (really good IMHO) idea, consider giving each legion an enemy talent for free.  The above mentioned Iron Warriors would be Enemy (Imperial Fists) for example.


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 now considering, i think i should have post my first try at making rules. so here you go

thousand sons

Starting talents: Meditation, Psy rating plus one ( becomes a psyker if dosen't have it already.) and strong mind

Bonus Characterics: +5 willpower, +5 intelligence

gains plus five to tzeenntch alignment


Alpha Legion

Starting Skill: security and stealth +10

Starting Talent: forgetable, rapid reaction

bonus characteristics: +5 intelligence, +5 agillty


Iron Warriors

starting skills: tech use + 10

starting talents:storm of iron or cursed heirloom

bonus characteristic: + 5 intelligence, +5 toughness

Optinal Equipment: may start with on cybernetic of good craft man ship


Night Lords

Starting Skills: survial or stealth +10 and trained operate (aeronautic)

Starting talents: raptor and fear (1) or rapid reload and hip shooting

bonus characterisics: +5 perception, + 5 agillity

optinal equipment: jump paxk

+5 to unalienged aligment


Death Gaurd

Startng talents: die hard, cold hearted, hardy

bonus Characteristic: +5 toughness, + 2 wounds

+5 nurgle alignment



Sorry that is as far as i got before i started to second guess my self. now feel free to edit, add or change it into a

compeletly new creture


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Limit  thousand sons to the champion and sorcerer careers, forsaken/generic marines would be mindless drones in the thousand sons and not really suitable for PC roles gieven their utter lack of personality.

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