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Painting Runebound figures

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This Christmas I decided to get around to painting some of my Runebound figures. Just thought I would post them up in case someone is interested. I've done 19 so far, so still a way to go. Is anyone else doing this?




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I just played my first Runebound. Here are some heros I've painted for Descent, some of which seem to appear on Runebound as well. That's actually the reason I bought Runebound, having already painted some of the heros, why not add another game for them.


trenloe.jpg varikas.jpgCarthos.jpg

nanok-1.jpg Hawk-dude.jpg



Some more (and plenty of Descent monsters) have been painted, but I haven't taken a picture of them yet. Has to wait for good lighting conditions outside to get reasonable photos.

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