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Hero Walker/Command Walker

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   Just a small update on Hero walkers,

   Me and my evil gang of dice wielding nerd-zerkers have played a few DT games with the set points cost for hero walkers formula, and we made a list of skills/abilities that could be taken, and a list of those that could NOT. ( wich list I left on my friends dinner table, and so cannot remember well enough to type in here! sonrojado.gif)

   We really like the flat 150% points cost rule, I found that everyone used new made up Heros, and not "named" heros, wich left the Character available for use on the table as a troop. they played well and seemed very balanced for the cost, rarely did any survive a game, so they werent invincable, but they always proved there worth befor they died! so they didnt feel like a waste of points!

   I now, also, have a new favorite model, too! ( im sure Im spelling this wrong!) Oberst-Leftenant Karl Kessler, in his Mark 2B-2 Luther, the "Prussian Prince". Who in the course of three battles defeated 4 enemy walkers ( 2 lights, 2 medium), and anihilated 5 infantry squads, and squished a certain anoying American officer in powered armor wielding absurdly large rocket powered fists! In close combat, no less! I'm re-painting and modeling the Prussian Prince, with kill markings and some custom work to stand out on the battlefield now.

   I know its not "Official" and all, but makeing your own hero to be "you" on the table is realy great fun, we all had a riot playing them. The heart break when they died, the victory yells when they killed a big enemy, it made the game so much more involved on a personal level. Everyone should try it!

   Have fun blow'n stuff up!

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