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my deck

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lv 3 riku or lv 2 riku


sethiroth lv 4

leon lv 3 x 3

yuffie lv 2  x 3

king trioton lv 2

wendy lv 0

tink lv 1

tink lv 2

tink lv 3

tink lv 4

peter pan lv 2

moogle lv 1

wakka lv 0

jack lv 3

jack lv 2

jack lv 1

goofy lv 1

goofy lv 3 lad

donald lv 3 lad

the mayor lv 0

daisy lv 0

winnie the pooh lv 0

tigger lv 1

cid lv 1

beast lv 3

ariel lv 2

attack cards

matal chokabo x 3

fairy harp

soul eater x 2



divine rose x 3





ursala lv 8

search ghost lv 5

oogie boogie lv 8

malificent lv 8

fat bandit lv 4

p cage lv 7

behemoth lv 5 x 2

thats it have any help




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what happens if you fail to get Triton on turn 1? It seems as if you have few fallback level 1's.

Crippled by sebastion, literally. No simba to kill him, no monstro, no tidus either, too many attacks cards to risk being hit by a sebastian. Gotta have answers for the cards that trump you. A few tidus will help a lot. So you can take out him or owl before they completely null your life gain. Sebastian makes 12 cards in your deck +0. Owl ruins your life gain.

3 leon and 3 yuffie are too much. 2 of each is fine

Too much variety i would say. If you run into a player with monstro, your hurting a lot.

One way to reduce your variety and since your playing aggressive anyway, Simba of course.  x2 lvl 3's will do

4 tinkerbells are too much. 2 is fine. 3 if you think you really need it

gotta ad a few bambi 3's, you need card draw power. You have to draw soul eater as much as possible with agro. Chip and dale will help there a lot.


Not bad though, i like it.

+REP to you sir! :)

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