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Using Rogue Trader rules for manifesting powers, good idea?

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Hi folks,

I'm gonna start a DH game soon, and I'm curious about using the Rogue Trader and up rules for manifesting psychic powers.  Not Fettered, or Pushed powers, just making WP tests instead of rolling a number of d10's based on your Psy Rating.  I'd love to get some opinions on this, and if anybody has instituted similar rules?

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Just using WP tests instead of power roll can seriously break your game as it will give een more focus on one stat (Willpower). DH power rolls depend more on Psy Rating than WP (pre-Ascension) but mayority of damage dealing powers scale with WP which manypeople threat as broken already (force barrage being favorite example).
Another thing is that RT treats psychic powers more like psychic talents or skills - you test a characteristic and stuff happens (idea of which I dislike) and only exp cost says that some powers may be harder to do than others.

I am actually trying to develop a cross-system which uses WP/psyniscience tests for manifesting, +-to manifesting test depending on power's threashold, fettered, unfettered and push, and power's effectiveness depending on effective psy rating. It's still somewhere in the beta stateandIdidn't test it yet, but meabysomeonecanhelp me with that (or just use BC system, which I didn't yet see because I don't have a bookyet).

If anyone wants it, it's here


For now the most problem I have with WP vs WP/T/S powers, because rolling WP for manifesting and then rolling it again for oppositing test isn't what I want (domination being perfect example - in RT you make power roll, and on success you make oppositing WP test, in RT you only make oppositing WP test - astropaths have it much easier).
Another tricky thing isoverbleeds - 5 overbleed every DoS is enough or not enough - you can make quite much overbleeds in early levels but very few in the late game (compared to DH).

I'll be happy if anyone has any constructive thoughts about this.

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