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Scenarios too constricting?

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So after picking this game up we have played a couple of times and one thing I have wondered is "Where is the deckbuilding aspect?"

What I mean by this is after I pick a scenario I place X cards into the neutral zone. Now we own pretty much every other deckbuilding game there is and in all of those games they share the random setup factor while this game does not (except neutral cities).

The scenarios prevent me from actually enjoying this game as much as I would like to. I mean its not a bad game but if I pick a faction even randomly I know what I will be able to do with them before we even start playing. The game does have good qualities , the specific faction cards , and the event deck is a nice touch , attrition dice , ect.

Honestly though without the random factor Im not sure this is a "deckbuilding" game as it is desribed. I may try it by putting all neutral cards in play at once but even then it seems lacking.

Anyway just my thoughts as I am not bashing anyone who likes Rune Age just maybe FFG can release expansions to fix this issue for me.

Cheers and happy gaming.aplauso.gif

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