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DungeonQuest plug-in for Strange Eons gets a move on...

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Treasure cards done. Add text and you get the small text box and small value box. Put zero value and you get the large text box to play with.

Dungeon (type) cards should actually be a bit easier even though they have four sizes of text field. I am not sure if Dragon cards will be necessary, but I can add them easily enough. Rune cards too...

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(As posted in the Runebound forums)

Not much has changed with the tool since my last post here, so I am giving out the address where you can get hold of the latest beta of the Runebound tool, PLUS the latest beta of the Dungeonquest tool.

I have to do some fiddly things with it, like rotating the card backs correctly on some cards, but I think it is more or less there. I am still musing about not having limited selection for all numbering, but for the moment it is still available.

You can get the latest versions here -


and you should perhaps read up on Strange Eons here -


You will have to bear with me as work is taking up more and more time of late and development may be slower than I would like.

In the mean time, give it a try and let me know if there are any specific issues.

Please note that it's probably worth having a good play with SE and some of the cards for AH that are built in, so that you can work some things out before posting something that might not actually be a problem.

It will all get tidied up before an "official" release, but for now it is certainly functional.

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Image 1

image 2

image 3

Just for the example.


Ispher : regain one hit point per turn.
adaptability : no text, can counter attack all attack type.
Acid blood : when you play this card, you lose on life.

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thank really for the files and all here who had done this, i found also a german guy who did some for DQ3rd but maybe he left already BGG, but he did much cards. I will try to continue on DQ:Revised Version just to implement much mur variants for this game, because it deserves it.

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