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Airborne XO

WIP - The Horror at Red Hook: A Campaign for MoM

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Well more of idea in progress really! Is anyone interested in giving me a lift (help) with a little project I'm starting? Still in the preliminary stages at the moment but I envisage:

1) 4-5 linked stories based on Thomas F. Malone's adventure in 'The Horror at Red Hook' by HPL (another of my favourites).

2) A VERY simple system to keep the character from one mission to the next, gloriously ripping off elements of Mordheim campaigns. To give the boardgame more of an RPG feel.

3) A couple of new board tiles.

4) New cards, maybe monsters as well that people can proxy in figures.

If anyone knows people who are working on the above please let me know :) Hopefully the new version of Strange Eons should be out soon and progress at making pieces will be much easier.

Here is some of my initial thoughts on the campaign rules:

Mansion of Madness: Campaign Rules

1) Ability to find money [uSE AH Money tokens] during scenarios, keep track of Wounds / Sanity / Skill tokens [iNVESTIGATORS HAVE A PAPER CAMPAIGN SHEET?]
2) Investigators gain experience during scenarios (passed and failed!)
3) Rule for dead (now go unconscious) and insane investigators

    i) Experience check - gaining new abilities, talents and skills

    ii) St. Mary’s Hospital - with event table (heal Wounds)
    iii) Arkham Asylum - with event table (heal Sanity)
    iv) Miskatonic University - with event table (add Skill points / spells?)
    v)The General Store - equipment list, selling items, buying new items

6) Niggling injuries - what to do with trauma cards
7) The Mythos Moves (Campaign event affecting investigators - more deadly if the Keeper won the previous game)
8) Allies and Retainers?
9) Retiring Investigators


As the Investigators progress through a campaign they become more adept at battling the forces of the Cthulhu Mythos. Experience points and Experience checks are used to simulate this and also to provide players with a chance to advance their favorite character beyond the vanilla version.

Experience points - Investigators [uSE AH CLUE TOKENS IN GAME]

Opening a door lock successfully +1 Exp
Solving a puzzle successfully +1 Exp
Surviving the Mansion +1 Exp
Least experienced Investigator to survive the mansion* +1 Exp
Discovering a clue card +1 Exp
Completing objective / thwarting the Keeper’s objective (winning)+3 Exp

Defeating a Chthonian in combat +2 Exp
Defeating a Cultist in combat +1 Exp
Defeating a Cult Leader in combat +2 Exp
Defeating a Hound of Tindalos in combat +2 Exp
Defeating a Maniac in combat +1 Exp
Defeating a Mi-Go in combat +1 Exp
Defeating a Shoggoth in combat +3 Exp
Defeating a Witch in combat +1 Exp
Defeating a Zombie in combat +1 Exp

* After experience points are calculated at the end of the game the player with the least experience gains an additional point. In the event of a tie between investigators neither of the investigators receive the bonus.

In an average game then an investigator may expect to receive between 0-20 Exp depending upon their success during the game.

Experience points - Keeper

Driving an investigator insane +3 Exp
Knocking an investigator unconscious +3 Exp
Taking a sample token from an investigator to an altar +1 Exp
Competing the Keeper’s objective (winning) +3 Exp

In an average game a Keeper may expect to receive between 0 - 10 Exp depending upon their success during the game.

The Experience check - Investigators

Investigators are able to make an Experience check each time they pass a level indicated by the bold check boxes on the experience sheet (1st at 5 then 10, 15 and so on). Investigator lots of experience may attempt several experience check each campaign phase if they wish.

D10 roll Result
1      The pay off - You may choose a Skill from the Skill table of your choice
2-3   Skilled - roll a random Skill from the Skill table of your choice
4-5   Strong willed - Increase maximum Sanity by 1 [NEED CARD]
6-7   Battle Hardened - Increase maximum Stamina by 1 [NEED CARD]
8-9   A wise head - Increase maximum Skill points by1 [NEED CARD]
10    The pay off - You may choose a Skill from the Skill table

Skills [Need cards for each]

The three skill tables below are used to roll (and occasionally select) skill that have been gained due to an experience check (see the Experience check above) [THERE WILL BE 3 TABLES - COMBAT, ACADEMIC & SPECIAL SKILLS]

All the above it just a very rough idea on what I'm working on. As you can see my games shouldn't actually be more complex apart from an additional post game campaign phase and some additional book keeping in-game to track experience etc...

Thoughts? Any volunteers to assist?

Cheers, Hal

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