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My own poison/herb/medicine cards

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 I really like these. Curious if you're using an rpg supplement from another game for herb lore or extrapolating from scratch. I'd love to see more of this collection, or your source material to recreate it myself. Will give my player incentive to go Apothecary rather than [anything trained in Ballistic Skill].

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Oh no!  Links are dead for your cards!  Is there another place we can find them?  Would love to use them!


Noizeman Tm said:


Dear Mr. Goblin King, is it possible to share the others that you made? It would save me a lot of work and the barber/surgeon in our group will love it.



Here are some Dropbox links to the various home-brew herb/posion/potion cards I've created so far:


Belladonna Poison (image file)



Faxtoryll Herb (image file)



The one's below are all Strange Eons format files:







Let me know what y'all think.

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