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FFG DanielC

Secret Societies >>> A preview of Lure of Power

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 When you run with the wrong crowd, you might find yourself mixed up in something you'll regret. Now, you can fall into some unsavoury societies in your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game, with new Secret Societies in Lure of Power. Read the preview here

You can read the announcement for Lure of Power here

You can read the Minions of Slaanesh preview here

Enjoy the game!

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It's a month since the last announcement and that was for Hero's Call (which I am excited about). Have the people at FFG no heart for the tormented fanboy who is starving and desperate about new information, previews, announcements? A hint at the adventure in Lure of Power, a preview of the social combat rules, a few more riddles to get us occupied with guessing the two new races in Hero's Call, some hints at products that are planned after Hero's Call ... anything.

But alas, as it is, it is not worth waking up and get the computer started, because there ain't news about my favorite roleplaying game sad.gif.


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