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Rules Question

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 Hey Gang,


Okay so my friends and I really enjoy this game but we had a situation crop up and we weren't sure who won the game.. 

There were three of us playing and it was a close game the whole time;  At the very end of the game the Khorne player got one tick of the threat meter which advanced him to the "win game" text.

The Tzeentch player had two ticks of the threat meter and also got the "win game" text on the second tick.  The Tzeentch player also had more victory points.


Who actually won?

The reason it's not clear is that player order is Khorne first, does that mean that the instant Khorne gets the "you win" result from threat the game stops right there or does the rest of the turn finish out?

The rules seem to swing both ways in that you have to do things in turn order, (why bother having a turn order otherwise) but then there are clear cases where it says if two people get the win game text at the same time the victory points should be used to determine..   It seems you can't have a situation where two folks get the win game text if the instant someone gets it in player order the game just stops.. 

Also does it matter which tick on the threat meter?  First tick for Khorne on the threat meter was "you win", where as it was the second tick for the Tzeentch player..  (second tick because he was high treat so he got two ticks..)




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Tzeentch won.

Check page 20 of the rules, The End Phase. This section lists the steps you take in the end phase.

1-4. Not Relevant
5. Advance Threat Dials
6. Check for Game End

The players advance their dials in step 5. The player with the most counters advances twice. Only after this you check for game end in step 6.

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