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Greyjoy basic build

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So this is one core set and the revised edition of KotS with 3x each card, yes?

Try this one as a starting point:

House (1)
House Greyjoy (Core) x1

Agenda (0)

Character (31)
Asha Greyjoy (KotS) x1
Godswood Attendant (KotS) x1
Aeron Damphair (KotS) x1
Balon Greyjoy (KotS) x1
Dagmer Cleftjaw (KotS) x2
Drowned Disciple (KotS) x3
Drumbeater (KotS) x1
Euron Crow's Eye (KotS) x2
Maester Aemon (Core) x1
Maester Wendamyr (KotS) x2
Priest of the Drowned God (KotS) x3
Randyl Tarly (KotS) x1
Scurvy Cutthroat (KotS) x3
Shadowcat (KotS) x3
Stowaway (KotS) x1
Theon Greyjoy (KotS) x1
Victarion Greyjoy (KotS) x2
Wex Pyke (KotS) x2

Location (18)
Aeron's Chambers (KotS) x1
Iron Island Fiefdoms (KotS) x3
Longship Iron Victory (KotS) x2
Scouting Vessel (KotS) x3
Street of Steel (Core) x1
The Iron Mines (KotS) x3
Street of Sisters (Core) x1
Sunset Sea (Core) x3
Bloody Keep (KotS) x1

Event (10)
Assault of the Kraken (KotS) x2
Confession (KotS) x2
Assertion of Might (KotS) x1
Distinct Mastery (Core) x1
Risen from the Sea (KotS) x3
The Price of War (KotS) x1

Attachment (4)
Support of Harlaw (KotS) x3
Veteran Marauder (KotS) x1

Plot (7)
Rise of the Kraken (KotS) x1
Siege of Riverrun (KotS) x1
The Power of Arms (Core) x2
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1
Rains of Autumn (Core) x1
After the Mummer's Ford (KotS) x1


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