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Not sure if this is standard, but here is an idea...

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So, this will be my first time GM'ing, but I made up my own mission and was wondering if this was very typical:

Basically, instead of going from one location to another, the entire mission takes place in one town, where there are a bunch of things you can do. In order to end it, you have to mount an attack on a massive enemy force or sneak around them, then kill some xenos, but there are multiple ways to do this. Depending on their actions, the players can:

Just attack the base outright, and possibly die, (or, if they are lucky, win,)

Kill some guards and steal their uniforms,

persuade the local citizens to join their cause, (every 6 citizens kills one guard, but you can also steal weapon shipments and arm them, meaning that they are more effective...)

In addition, there are multiple endings, depending on how much they figure out. Depending on what they do, they will get more/less money and EXP as a reward.

Is this normal, or do most missions have a relatively linear path? Mine is more based around the RPG-do-whatever-you-want style, but I have never personally played a mission like that.

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Sounds like a good idea, my games tend to have a start and an end with various bits in the middle that may come in any order depending on the actions of the players.

As long as the players know they have the other options it should be highly enterianing for both you and the players.


Good Luck

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