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worldwar games...?

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what worldwar game similar to battlelore is out there?? I looked memoir44 but  i think after playing battlelore it would be a step back.

I´ve played battlelore a lot and i almost have every expansion and i love it, but it would be nice to play something else with a different environment.

thanks! :)

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 Memoir 44 is the obvious choice - with the expansions it shines apparently.  I wasn't a huge fan compared to Battlelore, but others say different, so what can I do!


Tide of Iron might be another worth looking at...


If you're not allergic to chits an counters GMT make some good games (Combat Commander being the prime example) in this period I'm led to believe (I'm not a WW gamer by any means, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt - they're only game names I've seen mentioned quite a bit).


In any case - good luck in your search!




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