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In the name of Profit: A Online Rogue Trader Game

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I forgot to propose, You guys want me to run a short module next thuesday?

I could make up something in DW or DH quick else see you the week after.

I would also use this game to introduce maptools to you guys if you are intersted.

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Fondor_Yards said:

If you want to sure, not one to turn down a game.


Sent you all a forum msg (those i had not already friended) send me back an Email. Timeless is not allowed, he as to study! gran_risa.gif (joke)

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crisaron said:


Fondor_Yards said:


If you want to sure, not one to turn down a game.




Sent you all a forum msg (those i had not already friended) send me back an Email. Timeless is not allowed, he as to study! gran_risa.gif (joke)




Got enough reply already, I will host a little module next thuesday. See you at the same Timeless time, same Crisaron vent, Same but different fun!  make a basic starting marine please for the game.

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Haroon said:


are we using the errata?



YES! Unless you want me to use pre-Errata weapons too...

Before Errata                                                                         After Errata


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1 - Me and Haaron just finished playing it on sunday already.

2- DW mini module is easely contained within a 3/4 hour window.


use the XL sheet for DH/RT/DW it's good enough. please also get the latest maptool from http://www.rptools.net/index.php?page=downloads#MapTool

# basic rank 1 marine from any chapter

at GM discretion (i.e ask before taking it)

## - the way I see this you have passed through the mandatory training from all the other aspect but your are a dedicated specialist of that perticular tree. Elite skills are at twice the cost for the tactical class and triple for the others ones and you have to be at the rank it would be availabel for the other class.

i.e. A devastator pays double for tactical skills/talent but triple for assault.

I.e. tactical pay double for the other classes skills. Librarian and Mechanicus being at 3 x the cost.

Librarian and mechanicus specific skills and tallent being off limits for none tacticals and even then at Gm discretion.

# Abusing this will result in corruption point or Renow hit  (depending on chapter) as you are going directly or openly against the Codex Astartes and will leed to internal conflict or interplayer conflicts .


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Anyone wanna tell me what I missed. Last I heard, I escaped on a Jet pack, while most of the party was crashing after the destruction of Raven's Heart.


The engineseer is alive and you all are fighting some bully boys.


Also, when is the Thursday game?


Finally, wish luck to the man with the messed up pipes in his house. Save what you can! I lost a lot of stuff a couple of years ago due to busted pipes.

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Uh let's see. No game this week, one next week assumingly at the normal time. From the time you and the tech priest were falling out the back, he terminal velocity impacts into the ground, burns a fate, while you jet pack to safety*Not sure what happened regarding the whole him clamping himself to you thing*. Me, Jones, and Pilot survive the cockpit landing and dust ourselves off. Bang comes down from the ship, and digs Felix out of the ground, while cockpit group picks a fight with the boss Iron Man, some big dude with a red cape. Bang and crew *and you* show up, we kill him. GTFO, head to the city to talk to the council. They are pissed but also glad to see us since despite causing this **** we stopped them. End up getting Eliza*?**who gets confirmed as an Alpha psyker, as the other council members are most likely* and the whole 7th order *11,000 warriors was the number iirc* to join us. The 5th and 2? other members disappeared, we head to the temple they disappeared at, Felix presses a few buttons and summons a giant xeno warp portal wraithbone webway gate....thing is space 10km wide. Threw a rock attached to a rope into it, once through it started sucking the rope in. From there decided to head back to Footfall to repair, rest, and come back to probably exploit the system.

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[serpent of the void main hall leading to the bridge]

A drone voice with a little russian accent :

- hat ention crew of th'Void Sir pant! Thish is Chekof pile hot. W'ill make transs.. transss... @^*&@ to warp in less then 4 hours. Please scure your personal parts..., "muffled voice", What.... oh SORRY your private parts", laughter in the background " @$%#$@, Private quarters please..."

Very few people passing througth the hall stopped or even seamed to register the message itself. It was more a formality anyway, the entire crew was already organizing for a long warp travel back to port wander. The only crew member wo seamed lost and nervous, where those native psyker soldier from the solar system they where about to leave. This was for them the fisrt time of their world and the 1st tie any of them would be exposed to the warp, since it's effect where nearly completely blocked bvy the local psy-active cristall.

The soldiers themself very easy to spot out in the crowd, wearing huge armors made of cristals and sowrd of the same material, but they did not seam to show any weight management issue, where being horded towards one of the main cargo aera. In fact two seperated groups where friendly but strongly asked to gather in the two separated cargo holds.

On one side our psyker army and on the other side (alto no one knew if they where even there at all) our invisible Man of Iron friends. Both sides where at various lenght explained the reason, most if not all of them had never left the buble of space they where in and no one knew what effect the warp would have on them.

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With my testing done, I will begin posting updates for all the information I said I would.  Please check this thread throughout the weekend if possible.  I expect to have everything ready for this coming Tuesday, so we will continue the game as planned for the 25th of this month.  Everyone please send me updated characters no later than Monday or a link to where they are posted.  Thank you.

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Will anyone assist me in convincing the 12 that the Holy Power Armor and weapons of the fallen space marines should go back to their original chapter. Specifically, when we went to talk to the 12the first time,  we passed at least 3 differnt suits of complete power armor, which the librarian wishes to return to their respective chapters, so that the wearer's deeds and noble losses may be recognized. 

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More to come later today.

Due to low supplies and personal the ship is making a stop at the Breaking Yards SR-651.

Possible Profit Factor Gains(Currently PF 39)
-Revel finding a Starfort
-Sell off the small amount of Crystals taken with you from Azura
-Sell off some/all of the Notable Equipment acquired

Iron Men Modification to the ship
Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive Iron Men Modified(Space Reduced by 6, and Power Generated Increased by 10, -30 to tech-use checks related to it)
New component created and installed Iron Men Barracks (4 power, 2 Space).

Astartes Status
One marine KIA
Other marines recovering and repairing equipment
Raven's Heart recovered, but beyond repair currently

Marine Actives
Compiling reports to send back to the Chapter, and going over the information acquired from the manufactorum.
The manufactorums database contained several documents containing references to astartes. The Text is to extensive for you to go through so it will need to be sent back to your chapter for full analysis.

Missionary Actives
As you have not told me what you are doing are the trip back you can do any of the following:
Go through the equipment brought abroad from the starfort.
Attempt to covert the psykers to a more acceptable version of the imperial creed.
Further investigate the disappears with the major.

Navigator Actives
Overworked due to lack of personal so no personal actives could be accomplished. However, you are award 250 xp for the extra work.

Explorator Actives
Modifications completed to Strike Pattern Power Amour for personal use
20% analysis complete of Strike Pattern Power armor
- power source still unidentified, no subsystems indentified yet

Equipment - Notable

2 Man portable Relic Laser Destroyer (Both currently broken)
1,000 Suits of Unknown(Currently Classified as Strike) Pattern Power Armour
1,000 Best Plasma Guns
1 Relic Astartes Bolter
1 Unknown Pattern Arch Laspistol
500 Vortex Grenades

NPCs recruited

Sergeant Terrance Jenkins
WS 23 BS 43 S 28 (3) T 41 Ag 25 Int 40 Per 30 Wp 25 Fel 30
Wounds: 10 Fate Points: 3

Forbidden Lore+10(Xenos)
Speak Language( Eldar)
Speak Language(Low Gothic)
Speak Language(Ork)
Trade (Armourer)

Lesser Armour-Monger (+1 AP value for armour that is worn)
Quick Draw
Sound Constitution (x2)

Touched by the Fates(3)

Best-Plasma Gun
Best- Strike Pattern Power Armour (AP 11)

Lady Eliza of Azura, Commander of the 7th Guardian Order
WS 45 BS 38 S 31 T 42 Ag 43 Int 52 Pep 38 Wp70 ( 11) Fel 52
Wounds: 12 Fate Points: 3

Common Lore(Azura, Seer Crystals )
Forbidden Lore(Azura, Seer Crystals)
Speak Language(Low Gothic, High Gothic)

Psy Rating 9

Discipline Mastery: Biomancy
Touched by Fates(3)
Unnatural Willpower +4

Sword of Legacies (A Two-Handed Force Greatsword)
Damage: 2d10+2 Pen: 20 Speical: Force, Unbalanced, Force Amp(+7), Razor Shap

Force Amp(+#): When using this item as a focus increase the users Psy rating by #. This bonus is not added for the bonus damage and Pen from Force.

Known Psychic Powers:
Telekninesis(Precision Telekinesis, Force Bolt, Telekinetic Crush, Telekinetic Shield,)
Biomancy(Enhanced Senses, Hammerhand, Blood Boil, Shape Flesh, Grace of the Heroes, Might of the Heroes, Cellular Control, Body of the Mind)

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