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In the name of Profit: A Online Rogue Trader Game

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[mood] Few hours have passed, Felix Magos prime, is at a table, more quiet now. A cheruby of a particularly vile and horrible nature sites on is lap. Mechanically, the tech-priest is stroking the cherub's greasy airs, they must have once been bright blonde, very much alike a single flock straying from the cloak of the priest. [/mood]

"Well, I can ear her telling me to run a logic loop I know", says Felix. "Alicia..." as the priest says the name the cherub viciously turns around and bites the magos hand drawing blood, who does not seam to notice or to mind "... I am sorry, it upset's you when I talk about her". The Cherub screached in a lamenting voice, anyone near shuddering to this inhuman sound of despaire and anger as it flew up and away in the scafolding of the engineerium.

[Enter's Grim Lord and Master of the ship Serpent of the Void]

"Come, come my good Enginseer Prime, what a long face you have and me who would have tought you up to the challenge!" says Lord Grim, with is usual beaming smile and no none sens attitude. "If I had know you would have given up so easelly, I may not have shortened the life of so many people, who did great services to the emperor, just to have you reassigned to my ship Magos. I was assured you where a fighter of nature!" said he as he walked along the glass stasis casket containing the archeotech weapon. As a testament to is confidence and is skill, the Lord did not even mind turning is back to the magos while calmly plackading him... "Now I admit, every one can be at folt once in a while, I would advice you never to interrupt me again during official discussion magos. Remember you place sir or you could end up back to that monitoring station lost deep in a nebula as those order seam to say you where assigned too for lif before my timely intervention.

- You are a fool to challenge me in my domaine!

- You misunderstoof me my good magos, it was not a challenge but a promis... should you fail and give up good magos..."

Both stood for a while not whilling to show any inch of lettign go but eventually the magos did move and after a few minutes he bowed.

"- Please accept my deepest excuses Lord Grim, you are correct and your logc is sound. I must submit to a rite of clarity of tought. I have let anger, a most dangerous emotion impaire my jugment...

- Come Come magos, no excuse required. I know very well your indignation was not targetted at us or them but at the ingnorance they displayed and at the abominations themself, those man of Iron as you so called them. And about that other request i did the other day?

- I require more time and material, but I believe the principle should be simple. The shocking quality of the Adeptus Arbites baton could be used to fuel the device you requested. Alto the principle of the shocking is the impact emplifies the shock it self, leaving the target prone. I will need to do further studies into the mather.

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The following report is believed to have been recovered from the primary cogitator of the Falchion class Frigate Serpent of the Void. Current status of the ship and its' crew [Forbidden]. The following document has sealed by Inquisitional Order.

"This is Lieutenant Catharine Paige, second-in-command of the Frigate Serpent of the Void."

"Transports are currently reroute to pick-up Lord-Captain Grim and the rest of the command side from planet-side, however due odd nature of the recent event I felt it is best to keep a log of the events that have taken place in the last half hour."

"About twenty-five minutes ago I was finally unable to reestablish contact with Lord-Grim after he had entered the thought to be admech run for almost 7 hours. Almost immediately after reestablishing contact with the captain a number of ballistics where shot from the surface of the planet into deep space."

"With the exception of one of these ballistics all missed the ship and processed into deep space. By the emperors mercy, the one that struck the ship bounced off its blessed hull and exploded a short time after collusion. I am currently having the adapts prepare possible scenario as to where they other ballistics are headed."

"As is standard procedure, I had the ballistics scanned as they flew through our area, but with the current state of the arguer array the information I was given would suggest they were not manned."

"Roughly 15 minutes ago I was informed that the transports had picked up Lord-Captain Grim, and that it seems not all the ballistics had left the atmosphere. Apparently, a number of them had exploded in the atmosphere and had begun to create a think black colored cloud at varies spots in the skyline."

"Roughly five minutes ago, I was informed that the black clouds had expand and now covered 30% of the skyline. Communication with the Lord-Captain Grim has been lost again as he is attempting to leave the atmosphere. I have ..."

The following part of the transmission is garbled for the next five minutes. Further analysis of this section seems to indicate partial corruption from a foreign numerical based sequence that was introduced into the system. This sequence resembles those used by [Forbidden].

Unidentified Male Voice: "Lieutenant we have reestablished commutation with Lord-Captain Grim. His transports are making their way to the launch bay."

"Excellent. What is the current status of the planet?"

Unidentified Male Voice: "The rate of expansion of the cloud has slowed but it currently covers 65% of the planets skyline."

"The captain will want to hear this. This is Lieutenant Paige ending supplemental log."

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 Hi guys, let me know if at any time the server does not work for you guys. I will see what I can do about it. As a side note sounds like a fun game keep it up.

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Asajev said:

 Hi guys, let me know if at any time the server does not work for you guys. I will see what I can do about it. As a side note sounds like a fun game keep it up.


We are using my personnal vent, timless as the ip if you want to listen.

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[Disco/rave with stage for fashion show] Thre is a loud music "..ous couchez avec moi ce so...", stroboscope, lights, lazer, etc.

"And now for you my ladies Felix the Explorator, as you can see he is wearing a pre-heresy archeotech power armor of MkII desgin with enhenced reinforced adamantium plating. Is main accessory is the archeotech bolter pre-heresy pattern availbale in 3 different colors of gun metal...

And now advancing on the stage is the Otto in a MkIII power armor pre-heresy pattern..."


Screeming Leitenant Paige, 1st mate of the Serpent of the Void wakes up. "What an horible nightmare" she says as she looks at her new and fully adjusted power armor resting on it's stand and the other side of her cramped cabin. "This place was small but you make this place cramped and you stink", she patted the new archeotech bolt pistol awarded to her bu the commad staff with the power armor, "Not that I don't appreciate and I assure, won't be as dumb as those servivors that where also awarded power armor and a promotion to honor guard.  They angered the tech-priest by seeing how power armors can stop a botler shell at close range..." Page raised in a lightning move rolled of her bed bolter pointed at the corner, shaking her instinct having sprunged fully, holding the light blanket to her naked body. Perpiration trickled down her spine, yet not a single sound, not a sinlge shape but the feeling did not receed," is anyone there?"

She is there on the edge and waiting, half an hour yet she does not stand down, the strain on her bended legs is showing, she is shaking. The door shime startles her. Before she can autorise the door, it slides open to reveilling the Explorator. "Leitenant, I am sorry to bother you at sutch an hour, I forgot to adjuts a part on your armor." says the magos as he steps in without an invitation. He throws her some cloths with is merchandrites as if nothing was amiss. "I forgot to adjust, the aquisition auspex of the helmet, it would have drained the power supply slowly and would have made very subtile sounds... You look startled my dear, anything I can help with? I have done a training in basic medical procedure, i can proscribe a mild sedative if you desire.

- NO. That will be good magos, if you could please leave my PRIVATE quarters, I will bring my armor to your hole in the morning...

- Leitenant, is anything wrong?

- No, I just wish you to leave my quarters right away..., I am sorry magos, I know you live at quite a different time schedule then I do [or most any other sane being, she said under her breath] and since our good Lord Trader as been wouded I have had to do twice my normal work load.

- I am sorry, Leutenant have a good night for what is left of it...

- thank.." was all the magos heard as he closed the door behind him.

"If I ever find one of you in her quarters again..." says the Explorator in binary. The few fellow ship mate in the hallway did not mind the magos afterall that was not to hod to hear him do weird noise, was always better then seing walk holding hands with that horrible cheruby anway. The Magos entered darker corridor rarely used by one else then the adepts, "... I specified you where to stay in the Engineerium.

- Do not presume to control us Magos, I warned you", says the Man of Iron as is invisibity field retracted. "We are much more powerful then you can think.

- You under estimate the power of the astartes Librarian, by moving about, you risk exposing us all. I am not sure my timeley intervention around the Lietenant was enough..

- I doubt, she will be able to do anything magos, besides, I wnated to know why you installed so much camera in her suit...

- With the Rogue Trader wounded, she is now the 1st in command of the ship, her survival is primary for the crew moral. We lost a full company to take out the assault force of Man of Iron sent to take control of the [Censured] class Space fort, with only a handfull of survivors alto now very well equiped, there is still little we can do against your brethen on the surface, besides we still have to take and hold the power generator before it fuels the exterminatus weapon with enough energy to reach the destruction climax...

- Your troubles magos not mine or those of my circle", the Man of Iron named Omegarion [i think if I remember well] paused. "How could she know I was there? All the the psyker on the world below had all the troubles finding us.

-  The Lietenant is not a psyker.

- What is she then?

- A very capable women. One last thing.

- Yesss....

- The Rogue Trader is probably not wounded but is roaming this ship cloaked, I would advise you and your close circle to stay clear of shadows and other sutch area outside the engenirium as you may well bump into him...

- I will inform the others... What about that relic bolter we asked for, now that you have found a weapon cache surly you will agree it can be returned to us?

- Take it to the Librarian... if you dare...", said the Magos "Anway if I remember well you never gave me the information, I tricked you into telling me what i needed.

- Did you or did I?

- Your words leave me less and less impressed but you do show a great imagination for treaths and half-words.

- Indeed your level of stress are lower when you try to show defiance magos."


Guys Timeless told me to tell you we have 250 pts of XP for last game.




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Fondor_Yards said:

Surprised Felix isn't still sulking after we blew up/set on fire most of the control room.

Yeah I was thinking about building another post tuesday morning about our exchange or yours and the Archmilitant playing poker again not sure. I wanted to have the team of you guys are laughing at me, who is trying to fit some power armor to some low crew member by your orders and i am realy annoyed at it.

"Funny how having so much new "toys" to play with the Admech had forgotten about us burning the command bridge... WHO BRUNED MY CHAPEL!!!"

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[serpent of the Void] Medicae quarters. Sounds of beep, treeps and sktishhh at rythmic intervals. Huge medical room with a feeble sterile light.

"Otto", croacked a feeble voice.

"Oh, by the Emperor's light! Navigator [Memory blank] you have awaken!", as Otto enters the room slowly but with a little exitement in is voice. "Much as transpired since you timely decided to make an emergency translation to real space. We have been out of the warp for a good part of the month now.

- Realy, that long?

- I am sorry my friend but it was touch and go a few times there. I even had to ask the Explorator for a few sample of is blood machines to help reproduce your blood faster, you had lost so much...

- Blood machines?

- Humm? Oh don't worry he refussed, something about them being keyed to is genetic code and triggering a self-destruct should there be a high concentration of foreing DNA. He said something about a fail safe against genestealer that was implemented on him a while ago during some forge world Reclamation voyage, not quite sure I beleive him, the magos as been acting very stange lattely...", as he said that the navigator raised an eyebrow, "Well even more then usual...

- Feel like getting me an up to date?

- Well alright, if you don't feel to weak.

- I feel like I was shate be a grox, used as a ball by over exited orks playing kill ball while a warp strom as been ravaging my guts... so nothing I haven't felt on the throne already."

The Missionary looked surprised," You know I have ointment, creams and pills that could hel...

- Missionary, I meant on the Command Throne, while I navigate the warp!

-Oh!... Ohhhhh!, alright then... where to begin"




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[Thunderhawk flying above a massive battle field, 7 warhound titans, one Imperator, legions of rhinos, land raiders, deformed terminators armors. There is a heavy tension in the craft even after hours of fighting fro thier survival and the sake of the planet not everything is settled. Far away in the distance, the mushroom cloud resulting in the holy archeotech Manefactum total destruction and the sacrifice of two Void-Raven brothers to bring the manifactum down]

Pensively the magos looks through the window at the desolated landscape, a lush and beautiful world this sections was now short of behing a window into the warp it self. Carcases of landraider, rhinos, starhawk bombers, reaver titans, molten slaggs of what had been an Imperator titant... great despair took is soul. All of that for not? They had sacrificed the Manefactum in the end to save the indigenous humans, had it been an error? Those titants could have savec countless billions on other worlds and what to do with the Man of Iron left on the ship? Is gamble had worked but at what price? He tough he had succesfully black mailed the "Pacific" Man of Iron into joining their side of the engagement and thus maybe winning the favor of the rest of the crew and at the same time clearing the Magos of is involvement as they would be seen as allies but the amount of destruction brought forth by the less "open minded" Man of Iron, left a bitter taste of failure in the aritifical feeding system of the Magos...

"I believe we have to talk Magos" says the Lexicanum, exiting from the cockpit of the plane, with a treathening voice from the other side of the thunderhawk.

"I suppose now is as good as any other time.." the Magos says.

"I would wait!", interjected the navigator,"Maybe our good Rogue Trader would like to know the thruth first hand and decide right away on the punishment.

- I beleive, there may yet be evidence enough to clear my case good Navigator.

- W'll see, or maybe more condemning evidence as you are to one who said times and over how you where the rigthfull reclamator of the site, yet look at the outcome.

- May I remind you Astartes that we did save and recover a most Holy Leviathan Space fortress, a class not recovered since the down of the Impire itself. I did all I could to save the Imperator titan, Adepts of my order dedicated to piloting titans have years of training and modifications. I had 1 minute to jack in and we where in the middle of colossal war. The spirit machine of the Imperator was furious at my pathetical attempt to manipulate it. May I remeind you it nearly killed me." After a little pause," As for the rest, we will know soon enough if my gambit payed out. If not I will take the full responcability of my errors but know this, we would have faired mutch worths in this endeavor, if I had not taken some... latitudes."

- Words like that can brand you an heretic Magos be careful", says Otto loosing is flamer as tension in the craft keep building up.

- Thank you for saving me my lords, Imperators knows it's only a handful that usually come back if any of your expeditions... But I have to say, I love you guys, You rock, that, that... that wazs a hezll ofa figh... zzzzzz

- Forgive him, I may have given him a heavy dose of narcotic, he suffered intensive plasma burns and the power armor as fused to is skin on many places. I also think it's this one that fainted when we deceived the robots in thinking we where robots in human skins claiming to be humans to lure our the humans infiltrators in the complexe...

- That's the smell...", said the navigator.

Laugther broke out, releasing the tension that had stayed to high since the battle.

"You think we will have problems with the natives?" says Otto in an absent voice...

"Aye, with both types." says the Explorer, not adding anythign more. Everyone fell quiet lost in their own toughs. Many trying to see what kind of deal the Explorator had gotten them into, the Explorator first of those.



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To all players in the game:  There will be a game tomorrow at the normal time.  If any of you can not make it for some reason please leave a note in this thread no later than 2pm central US time tomorrow.  This will be the final session of this arch of the campaign and I hope you all enjoy it.

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