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Is the Living Index Dead?

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James Sparrow said:


Obviously, I don't have the first clue what's going to happen. This is just speculation of the most wild and idle kind. One thing I did notice recently was that a strong supporter of both the WFRP3 approach and its sales is now hedging his bets and talking about the limited lifespans of RPGs in general - he's always talked as though he knows what's going on. Also, and this is purely local and anecdotal, I've always found it interesting that my local shop has had no demand for WFRP3 (even though the previous editions sold well), but it successfully sells all the W40K titles and Warhammer board and card games. One agrument I've seen is that cost of WFRP3 has made people buy online (that's what I've done), but W40K books are not cheap either, and they are still selling in the shop.

You're right about the problems of starting over again. However, if the imaginary WFRP4 was based on the older systems there would be a degree of backward compatibility with WFRP1 and WFRP2 supplements owned by a very well established and very loyal fanbase, meaning that after a corebook FFG could potentially concentrate on different material. This might work if FFG provided tools to enable GMs and players to fill gaps in the careers, races, magic and monsters themselves. Perhaps the ability to easily customise and create the rules and character creation aspects of the setting would be a genuinely useful approach to the game.

Alternatively, one could imagine a WFRP4 which is a streamlined version of WFRP3, broadly taking the same approach but with a reduction of components.



Hmm...   I personally think it would be a shame...   But you make some good points.   I guess money (i.e. sales) does talk...

You raise an interesting possibility regarding taking a 4th ed. of the game forward too, although it seems unlikely to me that a new edition would skip a lot of the core products.

There are certainly some components that I'd be happy seeing taken out and turned back into notes on a character sheet, but I like the dice mechanic and some of the use of components.   But I doubt a stripped-down version would win back many people put off by the current edition, so possibly a 're-vamp' that goes back to traditional D100s etc would be more likely.

Will be interesting to see what happens.   I hope we get some news soon.

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The Sky is falling!  The Sky is falling!  LOL!

Hi, some of you may remember me.  I used to post allllll the time on this forum.  But due to life direction, I don't have much time for it anymore. 

I will say, yes it seems disheartening over the lack of information from FFG about this game.  However, some little bird told me that Jay Little has been promoted and a new team has taken over. 

Great, in some respects.  However, I think what we are dealing with here is an issue of direction.  A new captain will want to make new decisions of where this game should go in the future.  Their own spin on the game itself.  So no, I don't think it's dead.  What I think we are seeing is a shift in management that's taking some time.  They are trying to finish out the products Jay and Dan had slated and now are moving over to the projects Chris and Dan are going to do.  I think Chris is his name.  

Now, this isn't to say that WFRP has taken some serious heat.  The hardbacks were a big mistake.  I am sure they sold dozens of units at first, but they did divide and confuse the market about product entry.  This had to directly effect sales.  We used to get one supplement, then one module every other month last year.  Now we are waiting until December for the last Chaos supplement?  Really?  With no pre-sale at Gencon even?  

Last year, we got Signs of Faith in October.  It's a long way away still and no news on anything else.  

Also, it may seem that the 40K branch gets tons of news, but if you look at it, they actually only relate to one tittle.  They add a title each year, put out one or two expansions each year for the others and move on.  Sure they are all cross compatible, (hypothetically, but not really, lol!).  So it just seems like they get something new every month, but they don't.  If you were just a Rogue Trader player you wouldn't haven't have gotten anything in a while.  Warhammer, so far, doesn't have spin off ranges.  But who knows, that may be coming in the future...

I have about a ba-jillion ideas for it, but I don't know if it sells well enough for it.  

As to the indexes, I have no idea why the indexes have been dropped.  They are sort of required since it is the only way we can check to make sure we got all of the cards, etc.  My guess is this has to do with the change of the design team.  I don't think they don't care...but the base also might not be big enough to support it.  

These forums used to be jumping, but they aren't so much anymore.  We have become comfortable with the game and many of us (like myself) are continuing playing and supporting, but not as active here.  Heck, I still have to get Black Fire Pass and Witches Song.  I used to pre-order everything, but my need is not there as much as it once was.  Part of that could be due to some personal stuff, other parts are just my groups are so well founded, we just don't need more cards, more dwarf stuff, and no one is interested in being a Witch.  So there you have it.  I'll get them by the end of the year, but it's not nearly as pressing as the next Chaos supplement will be.  

Recently, I have noticed both GW and FFG have retracted the amount of announcements they have for their stuff.  I can understand why some companies are going this way.  Pre-info gives us a lot of time to dissect the product and decide if we hate it or love it.  If the fans, on their forum all hate it, it may turn off other customers who might have really liked it, but follow along hating something just because 5 guys hate it and repeatedly bash it.  Strike to Stun and RPG.net are great examples of this type of useless internet bandwagoning, especially when it comes to 3e.  

However, in the digital age, consumers get into products then drop products so fast it is insane.  Constant media attention, constant updates, constant "support" is what the public demands.  It also is a base for customers to say a company doesn't care about customers or to simply start saying something is dead because their attention span is moving too fast.  It's not a lack of support at all.  Back in the day, before the digital revolution, companies told their fans nothing.  They created absolutely no errata, indexes or FAQ's or anything like that.  They just put stuff out there and you bought it or you didn't.  Early White Wolf barely released anything, yet every august I went to my shop and found the new core book.   Companies due this crap now to keep us interested.  So I find it curious when companies as big as FFG and GW don't support things as well.  

They may be short staffed yes, but I also believe all they would have to do is offer one warhammer player their stuff at cost or free and to get it a week ahead of time, and I am sure they would be willing to post indexes, errata, FAQ, etc. for free.  I don't know why companies don't use its more ravid supporters (us) and give us swag as payment.  It would have to cut overhead.  But I'm not naming any names of who might be interested in something like that, *whistles as I walk away.*

Happy gaming,


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And while I'm away the boys fight and play!

Thanks for all the replies everybody, even if they are a tad off topic.

I still don't see why people are all woe is me about the lack of recent support for the game. I originally created this thread to gauge the communities thoughts on the no so Living index, not as a thinly veiled "oh shite WHFRP is dying" thread. I'm confident that FFG want to continue to support this game.

As for skolo's problems with FFG I say to each his own. If skolo feels that he's getting shafted by FFG that is his entitled opinion. However I'm not convinced about their utter lack of care for customers. Sure the company could do better proofing and editing but its hard with --like new zombie indicated-- so many product lines to look after.

I also agree with New Zombie when it comes to forum choice. Most RPG forums endlessly bash Fantasy Roleplay 3e without having set ass down to table to experience the wonders that the game offers.

I just hope that FFG see the utillity in continuing to support the Living Index format. It is my feeling though that due to peoples complaints about no Index in the Core set that they fixed the situation by adding indexes into all the newer products.

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back from holiday :)

good that we all agree "we all want wfrp3 to be perfect"

i`m not saying anything else


i`m not hater nor fanboy


+ waiting for my copy of black fire pass


happy gaming

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