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Saved payment and fork in the road variants

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i think it would be beneficial if a party could convert any one advantage card in their hand into 'gold' and keep it aside to use for payment at a later time.

The way this would work is: turn over an adv card you're not using and set it down. This no longer counts against your hand limit. Any time you have to 'pay' for something or discard an adv card, you may use this card. It cannot be flipped over again to be used.

Why this would be useful:
- arcanes, search for new horizons, missions, and certain encounters use generic adv cards for payment
- allows you to draw an extra card when you draw more than your hand limit
- does not totally remove the need for 'donating' or discarding adv cards in the reset phase.

The other variant I was thinking of was 'a fork in the road'.

If you are playing with the seeking new horizons rules, the player who seeks draws 2 cards and chooses 1. Any other player may retain the other area drawn by paying 1 adv card. All other area rules are unaffected.

This should speed up the areas coming into play and not make it such a drag when trying to complete a mission.

thoughts? comments?

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