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Rules question from Broken Chains

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I just have a (hopefully) quick question in regards to  shooting a pistol during melee.

The block on Point Blank makes it clear that if you are shooting a pistol against someone in melee with you, you do not get the +30.

The block on Shooting into Melee is clear to me if the scenario is A shooting at B who is in melee with C, then A gets -20. 

What is not clear to me is the wording under Shooting into Melee about "another character".

What happens if A is shooting at B while B is in melee with A? I know the +30 doesn't come into play, but does B get a -20 since A is in melee with "another character"? Or is that more for the 3+ party situation above where A is shooting into a group of melee?



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 Since you're probably not in danger of shooting yourself, the -20 only comes into play when you're shooting into a melee containing a character different from both the shooter and the guy who you shoot at.

Also, the Edit-button is located right above the post on the grey line. Yup, this forum software is certainly the best one ever made.

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