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Out of print?

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forums and also games by FFG. I do however have present or past experience with table-top games such as Battletech, Car Wars and many created by Games Workshop. I've also played (or still play) card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Battletech: the CCG and...erm, Top Trumps as a kid lengua.gif .

I'm planning on buying a few FFG card games at the same time, with one being Space Hulk: Death Angel (I found out about this first on the internet, by sheer chance), while the other is Cold War: CIA vs. KGB. However, it has been listed as out of stock for quite a while. Availability in any online shops seems non-existent. Being in the UK means my chances of finding it in a game store are remote. If anybody is selling it, the price is unrealistically high.

I've tried e-mailing Fantasy Flight Games several times asking about the availability of this game and whether it will ever be back in stock. I also e-mailed about an unrelated issue. Unfortunately, I haven't received any replies despite trying over the course of two months. I tried the Online/Mail Orders & Shipping department on the first two occasions and then tried the Customer Service department afterwards. I haven't had any change in luck and I don't know what the problem might be. Therefore, I thought in the meantime, I could try posting on the forums and asking the community. Either about the availability of Cold War or why I am having no success with contacting FFG staff directly preocupado.gif .

Regarding Cold War and whether it will ever be available to buy again, preferably from FFG directly, I hope the game hasn't gone out of print indefinitely. I've invariably seen positive reviews about it and many recommending it. I wouldn't like to think I missed the boat on this one!


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