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Proposition of alternative Threat dial advancement condition for Khorne

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Hello everybody,

I always found Khorne way less intersesting to play comparing to other gods : you only have to smash everything and never think of corruption and domination like the others, you don't care about victory points. It's a bit like if you are playing to another game, sometimes having more to rely on dice luck than tactics. So I thought about an alternative Threat Dial advancement rule for Khorne that would be more like the other gods, but which will keep his subtle philosophy of violence.

I had this idea : Khorne collects one dial advancement counter each time he place one corruption token in a region where blood has flown in the battle phase. (at least one figure has been killed by anybody)

Some reflections :
- With his 4 cultists, Khorne can collect 4 advancement counters (like Tzeentch and his 8 cultists).
- The number of regions where Khorne can fulfill his condition depends on the battles : Khorne will still be interested in smashing, but he can also send cultists where other gods fight themselves (violence always serve Khorne).
- Other gods (Slaanesh first) can still drive Khorne mad by avoiding combat.
- Cultist advancement card is still very interesting because it make them able to make a region bloody without the help of warriors.
- To avoid his cultists being killed, Khorne early hits become very useful.
- As Khorne will place more corruption tokens, he will score more points and be less ignoring victory by this way.

What do you think ?

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Hum, sorry for the quote problem, I don't know how to correct it...

Flint Lockwood said:

No; thematically it works but its a balancing nightmare.


I think Khorne is already a balancing nightmare, actually all his balancing rely on dice...
Do you thing it would be too easy for him to win with my rule, or too hard ?
If you don't know (like me), I think the balancing is not that horrible :)

Flint Lockwood said:

If you're bored with Khorne, try to win with VP. It's totally do-able and satisfying, trust me.


I have great difficulties to imagine how it is possible for Khorne to win with VP. Other gods will have won way before him, or Khorne will have won by threat dial because his way to avoid other gods winning is killing them... That's the problem I have with Khorne : he is the only god that simultaneously progresses towards victory and prevent others from progressing, making his play very simple, when the others willing to prevent others must sacrifice energy that could have been used on progression.
But I admit that achieving winning with VP would be very satisfying.

Baenre said:

You need to play Khorne with the expansion Lia.


I'm waiting for it, the expansion has not been traduced in french yet...

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 Doesn't that effectively make it even harder for Khorne to win? Not only does he have to kill someone, but he also has to have a cultist there.

Have you tried to use this version? I'm curious how it turned out. But I think it would turn Khorne into the weakest power in the game.

As to winning by VP, I've seen Khorne do it. Nobody wants to mess with him, so it's easy for him to claim big places like Empire. While he's also stomping with his bloodletters all over the place.

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Khorne is a bit of dice/event depending, if he can successfully hit figure at the begnning of rounds, almost every Khorne player will choose to upgrade cultist attack (core set) or one additional dice rolling (horned rat). Then if there is no old world event can prevent dice rolling or directly remove chaos god figures, Khorne will spread his bloodletters all over the borad.....The global 3 dices rolling is really frightening...... Usually he will soon gain the second upgarde for the 0 cost great demon, he will become unstoppable.....But if some prevent-dice-rolling event comes out, Khorne maybe will not able to advance dial for two rounds....

It's boring for Khorne player to follow same path for each game and overwhelmed by the unlucky event draw...

So if there can be some good variants to modify the Khorne will be nice, to make Khorne truly able to win the game by different options and not so much rely on the dice and event.

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