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The 'Fantasy Flight Games GenCon Experience' Flyer

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So, Im reading the 'Fantasy Flight Games GenCon Experience' flyer, and I find something weird.


At the center page, (or Centerfold), there is an ad for Deadwood/Ventura on the right half of the page.
Between Deadwood and Ventura at the right as a triangular cutaway showing a gencon photo of a gamer.

Just above the gamer's head, clear as day, is the word, 'SEX'.
Was this an accident or on purpose?  Now I don't know if I want Deadwood because I like it, or if I was a victim of subliminal advertising.

(Or maybe the picture is supposed to be ironic, juxtaposing a gamer with the word.)



On another note, I enjoyed the demos of Elder Sign and Deadwood.  By the time I decided to pick up Elder Sign, all the GenCon copies were sold out.  Ah, well, I can wait a month.

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