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Shogunate arrive at gen con

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Irih Minamoto his sword has when you roll a natural 10 counts as two successes.

His combat pack has pistol, student of bushio after successful melee attack target rolls one less die for shock roll, dagger has after making melee attack you may make an additional melee attack with it. Stamina has zen defense when attacked from adjacent circle add one die to your shock roll, imperial honor once per game if attack would cause wounds to eliminate this character discard token and make stamina test if successful attack is ignored. command pack rikugun chujo add +4 to initiative roll, willing leader if character with shogunate symbol on same path as this character may reroll up to two dice on attack rolls and keep the new results.

bonus pack for  Von Heizinger  with walther p38, stake of malinal xochitil if you cause at least one wound you must remove all smoke, rubble and fire tokens from path of target or every character that shares path with target suffers one auto attack success including Von Heizinger. characters who take wounds this way make a shock roll as normal, hermetica ardeo all obscura korps affiliation on the game board  recieve one attack success but one fewer die.

Trooper packs range trooper ability of you may sacrifice your movement on your turn to reroll your lowest 2 dice including natural 1's on attack roll. really not much unique abilities or gear except covering fire if you did not attack during activation can put character on overwatch without spending command point. kasai land mine you start with two decoy tokenplaced under token as action place one mine tokenin empty adjacent circle if enemy enters a circle with mine and reveal token if trooper face on it character takes 4 auto successes if a decoy return token to box. melee trooper has art of suprise when making attack on a target you did not share a path with at the star roll 2 additional attack roll.









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