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Improving the flimsy counters

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As everyone who's picked up the starter knows, the counters included in the game are pretty flimsy, and there are an awful lot of them to keep track of.

I improved mine in two ways. I posted this on BGG, but thought I'd point it out in some of the other Anima Tactics places as well.

I posted a pic here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/1053863/anima-tactics

For the wound counters, I picked up a pack of thin styrofoam sheets from a local dollar store and glued the counters to them, using a different color for each wound value to make them easy to search through.

For the states, I got 10mm wooden cubes from a craft store and glued the state counters to the sides. I did some cubes with the 6 negative states, and some with the 5 positive states (counting berserk as positive), plus a blank face to use for 'Hidden'.

Much, much easier to manage and track states with these!

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