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Hoss questions

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1/ Crown of Cernunnos and smoke

Give the smoke versus grenade and smoke versus Doom official rulings, I think that:

* smoke's effect is not only limited to attacks (it works againts smoke)

* Smoke is not limited to things that require a target model (it works against smoke)

* Smoke applies to "stuff requiring a LOS", which means "stuff affecting a model in your path" (smoke does not protect from Doom or several out of path Mental attacks).

My question is: Can you use Crown of Cernunnos against a model not adjacent to you while you are in smoke?

My understanding of both precedences is that Crown of Cernunnos should be affected.

2/ Prescience against Counterattack or Overwatch.

Can you use Prescience when being targeted by a Counter attack or an Overwatch attack?

This might be related to the following official ruling:

The Masque of Samhain does not work against a counterattack.

3/ By the way, does the Masque works against an Overwatch attack?

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Crown of Cernunnos vs. smoke: It's difficult to answer because of the somewhat contradicting rulings concerning smoke, but after reading your examples I'd say you'r right: The crown is affected by smoke.

Prescience vs. Counterattack or overwatch attack: After rereading the wording of Prescience, I think that you can use the ability to negate Counterattacks or overwatch attacks. So I think when playing against Hoss, you have to check if it even makes sense to use those attacks on him in a given situation.

Masque of Samhain vs. overwatch attack: Again, I think you can use the masque to avoid overwatch attacks. If playing against a character wearing the masque, it might be better not to announce an overwatch attack at all.

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