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The funny thing is that, to me at least (another fellow roleplayer), the game Android certainly caters to those who embrace the characters and add their own narrative to their game session, almost to a fault as I'll explain in a bit. The story in Android is what you make of it. The game oozes ample opportunity to roleplay your investigator living out their day-to-day lives, whilst hot on the heels on a fresh case.

I think it was the intention of the game to have a specific disconnect in what your investigator does, and what you do as a player so as to encourage more narrative for the former. Evidence, for example, is purely conceptual, broken down into physical, document and testimonial tokens. What your investigator finds, who it implicates and what it means for the overall story is entirely left up to you. The light/dark cards are less of an attack on an investigator and more a player-to-player interaction that affects the fate of your investgator. Their lives taking turns for the better and, more commonly, the worse. The relationships between these investigators is never explained after all and, again, up to the player's to fill in the blanks.

Unfortunately, as great as that sounds to someone ready to embrace the grim setting where nothing is truely on the level (even the detectives yourselves, if you want to play it that way) it feels like you have to actively be in that "mindset" to fully appreciate the game, which means additional effort from players to grasp the mood in addition to just playing by the rules.

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