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How Anime is Anima?

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Peacekeeper_b said:


Been seeing this game on the FFG site for a few years. Always balked cause of the artwork. How Anime is Anima?



I would say it draws more from the tropes typically found in anime than the artwork: larger-than-life heroes, powerful sorcery, etc. But that being said, the RPG was meant to be a blending of Western and Japanese themes, both in terms of the setting and its gameplay, and some of the artists reasonably pull some of their inspiration from anime because of this.

I guess it really depends on what it is about anime that peeves you, and whether you're interested in the RPG or just the miniatures game. As an advocate of anime, though, I have to stress the fact that it is a visual medium first, and a "genre" second, if at all. Odds are the shows that have turned you off to anime are the ones I've found just as repellant. However, if you take issue with the art style itself, it might be a good idea to browse a bit around the Anima pages, and definitely visit Wen-M on deviantART (he's the only artist I recall offhand) to decide if it's your cup of tea.

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