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FAQ apparent inconsistency

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Smoke Grenade rules:

"Any character standing on a circle filled with smoke can only attack targets in adjacent circles"

From the FAQ:

Q: How do Grenades interact with Smoke Grenades?
A: If a character is on a path under the effects of smoke, he may only target adjacent circles for his grenade.

But when you throw a grenade you are not making an attack...

So how can the FAQ be correct, unless it is a "we say so" case?

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I say its a case of "we forgot to clarify this in the first place" since it seems logical.

It may contradict the rulebook, but for that FAQ and Errata are there, arent they?

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I think that we can consider common sense (sometimes): so I think we cannot use bomb in the smoke as it was fresh air, because smoke blind a character that hasn't got a different way to see besides his naked eyes, and I don't care if "trhow a grenade" is an attack or not.

Maybe a realistic method would be to trhow the grenade randomly: without choose the circle targeted, only the direction, then the dice do the rest; but if we can trhow a grenade randomly in the smoke, why cannot we shoot randomly with an (automatic) weapon?

In this way the game loose gamepaly and increase dice-roll: I imagine up to 10 characters in the smoke that

first) they roll dice to hit randomly a target (friend or foe if there are in the same direction),

second) they roll dice to do dameges,

third) a potential shock-roll by the target... oh my God... I say no. sorpresa.gif

Maybe another system would be a penalty on attack-roll given by the smoke... but how does it do for smoke grenades (that arentt an attack)? No, I say no another time.

I think: no ranged attack/trhow in the smoke gran_risa.gif

What do you think about that?

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