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Agency / Hastur Deck

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So, the first deck I updated after returning to the game was my Agency/Hastur control deck.

The deck uses Agency to get characters in play to win stories and for its control abilities against opposing characters.  Hastur is included for its ability to counter Events.  Support cards, in general, can be very problematic for this deck.

Comments are welcome.

3x Canine Guardian
2x Agent Jerry Holland, Undercover Fed
3x Hardboiled Detective
2x Paranormal Specialist
3x Street-Smart Rookie
3x Undercover Security
3x Hired Muscle
1x Mr. Ngambe
3x Forced Entry
3x Small Price to Pay
3x Shotgun Blast
3x Short Fuse
2x Beneath the Burning Sun
2x Feathery Watchers
3x Byakhee Servant
3x Writhing Wall
3x Wrack
3x Power Drain
2x To See Another Day

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Black & white borders allowed.  To be honest, I don't know how many of these cards were reprinted in the LCG.

Is there an actual rule that prevents the mixing of LCG and pre-LCG cards? 

If so, it seems disengenious for FFG to advertise previous sets in the LCG rulebook (assuming the PDF rulebook is from the LCG).



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