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TOI Scenerio Contest - Fall Recruits, KCMO

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CONTEST, $30 First Prize


My name is Brian and I am to be a Game Host at Fall Recruits, KCMO in Sept. Our current setup and display is well over $500 with a triple monitor PC running movies and artwork.


This contest is sponsored by




The game I am hosting is a TOI basic game, double blind Scenario. The table will feature massive posters, flags and artwork. It will be split into two halves with a full game board per half. Both teams will not see the enemy at all until the units are spotted. Game is run by a referee. This allows for a greater range of tactics an awesome gameplay. But we are looking for a awesome scenario to make this a once in a lifetime event!


It may also be your opportunity to get noticed!




For this contest, the TOI scenario must meet the following criteria.


1)      4 player scenario, each team having two players, playing one separate division. Divisions are open to the designer but should achieve some sort of function such as Support/armor/infantry. As long as both divisions are fun and have some action.

2)      Time frame should be D-Day+2 through D-Day +10. Historical mission preferred.

3)      Units and squads should be varied with all rules from the basic game being used. The Scenario should field 10+ squads or units per player and use only the pieces and rules form the TOI basic set. Game will have 2 full sets to utilize but remember that each team has its on map board. If there’s a pillbox on one map, there needs to be a pillbox on another.

4)      Game should be a challenge to all players with team and individual objectives.

5)      Submission should be in a full layout that is printable (PDF or word Doc) with maps, story, setup and TO&E. This protects you work and makes it easier for us.

6) Size of game should be of mid sized, our time frame (not including setup) will be around 4 hours.


Judging will be based on the following and will be put in front a panel of 3 expert long time gamers. The top three will be posted here and the forum community will pick the winner.  The scenario should feature:

1)      Originality, back story and overall impact. Saving Private Ryan does not count.

2)      Multiple specific objectives, map locations and time frames.

3)      Clever use of cards and in game options.

4)      Being a double blind scenario, ambushes, opportunities and tactics will make the game incredible.

5)      Special consideration for scenario’s that include:

a.       A “mission within a mission”.

b.      Secret objectives for each player with rewards.

c.       A plot twist for both sides.

d.      Pictures, artwork



Brian Whiskey reserves all rights to use all submitted scenario’s for purposes that he sees fit, but credit will be given where credit is due, intellectual property resides with the designer(s). Winner will be announced on this forum/thread by August 1st, 2011. Submission deadlines are 15 August 2011. Questions can be submitted to


Brianwhiskey (at) hotmail (dot) com


Subject matter should read TOI submission


Winner’s name will be publicly displayed and given full credit for their scenario at the convention. Game scenario will also be used at other conventions throughout the year, yet to be named. Second place scenario will also be played at some conventions will full credit given. Winner will be notified via e-mail and the prize is $30. Payment will be made via paypal, money order by snail mail or an online gift card to Miniature Market.


Game Host Bio

   Brian Whiskey has a long history of gaming. From the first day of the Original D&D back in the early 80's to the Latest Flames of War updates. Mr Whiskey has run games at many conventions:


Kansas City, MO  1990

Jacksonville, FL 2000

St Louis, MO 2010

Game Euphoria Washington, MO 2010

LAN Dogs PC LAN party (CEO) St Louis MO, 2011 (along with over 20 private and public events)


Brian is an avid game designer. Forced to create his own version of D&D at the age of 15 (D&D was the devil!), He has over 20 miniature, card and board games and a copyrighted cartoon strip.      Brian is also an ex US Navy Corpsman , EMT / Paramedic and has a Associates in PC Repair and Network Engineering. He is currently proud to be employed as an IT Recruiter with the St Louis based Intelligent Staffing and Consulting. Looking for work? Send me your resume!


Thanks and good luck!


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wow this sounds like a good event, I would love to have a go at desingining a scenario for this though i am about to head off on holidays. (and would need more than 22 days)

My only fear is that this gives only 22 days for a scenario to be made, and the scenario being asked is alot more complex than what scenarios are out there. So with only 22 days to design and throughly play test (be more difficult to play test this sort) I fear they will suffer the dreaded FFG syndrome.

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DeltaSixOne said:


6) Size of game should be of mid sized, our time frame (not including setup) will be around 4 hours.




Could you give an indication of what time players are allowed per turn/round? It's hard to make a good guess here because 2 v. 2 games are very rare and double-blind scenario's almost unheard of ... and the players themselves might be first-time players as well. It's generally not a good thing to make a 6 round scenario when you can only manage to play 3 rounds tops.



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I appreciate the feedback, and I don't think changing the timeline would effect the rules of the contest...so...


Lets extend the deadline to August 15th. That will give us time to playtest, and you 37 days to create.


As far as the scenario goes, all is fair. Our time block is a 4 hour slot so go from there. I have no answers for turn length.serio.gif


Good luck.


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There is a request from the owner of ISaC (the sponsering company) to allow for as many players in the game as possible. While not mandatory for the contest, special consideration will be given.


We are thinking 3 per side, based on my convention game experience, here are some suggestions that I know work:


1) 3 players per team.

-Player 1 is the commander and:

       -Gives orders to the two divisions

       -Is the expirenced player and assists with the rules

       -Runs the tactic and strategy cards only

Player 2/3 runs their divisions.


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The 'night hunt scenario' from design series I would fit a double blind setup perfectly. Its a scenario about german infanteri with panzercracks sneaking into a town at night to kill as many shermans as possible. Line of sight is 3, and would be perfect for a 'hide and seek' scenario. (but if this is scenario is concidered for the event, note the error in setup)




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In my experience giving each player 10 plus units will result in a game well over 4 hours. A practical limit for experienced players would be maybe 5- 7 units per player for a 4-6 player game. The scenario would need to be run on a time limit with the defender winning if time runs out. Would put pressure on the players to hurry. If you like that plan I can make a scenario for you. To pull it off in 4 hours you'll need a judge to who knows the game well to answer questions and keep the rule book off the table.


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