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Vehicle Size, Corrected

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I've noticed that the official Size of most vehicles doesn't quite match the Target Size Modifiers on page 249 of the core rulebook. I've decided to provide a list of vehicles with what I think are the correct Sizes for each:

Into the Storm

  • Aquila Lander: Massive
  • Arvus Lighter: Massive
  • Calixis-pattern Fury Interceptor: Immense
  • Chiropteran Scout: Massive
  • Drop Pod: Massive
  • Gun-cutter: Immense
  • Halo Barge: Immense
  • Hephaestus Ore Seeker: Monumental (with a hanger capable of holding 1 Immense or 2 Massive vehicles)
  • Land Speeder: Enormous
  • Rhino APC: Massive
  • Scout Bike: Hulking (no change)
  • Sentinel Walker: Enormous
  • Venator Pattern Air Yacht: Massive (no change)
  • Warbike: Hulking (no change)

Battlefleet Koronus

  • Lathe-pattern Shark Assault Boat: Monumental
  • Calixis-pattern Starhawk Bomber: Monumental
  • Iniquity-pattern Swiftdeath Fighter: Immense
  • Iniquity-pattern Doomfire Bomber: Immense
  • Iniquity-pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod: Massive
  • Rak'Gol Bloodfury Assault Craft: Immense
  • Darkstar Fighter (Kaelor-origin): Massive
  • Eagle Bomber (Kaelor-origin): Immense
  • Fighta-bomma: Massive

I'm aware that by increasing their size, vehicles become considerably easier to shoot at. However, most of these vehicles have a habit of moving fast, which in my opinion ought to incur a penalty to shooting at them that (for most of the spacecraft and flyers at least) would lower that bonus back down to where it was before I messed with it. I wanted to alter their sizes mainly so that they'd conform to Table 9-9 on page 249 of the core book, 'cause it didn't make sense to me that a Sentinel was Hulking despite the fact that it is the example used for the Enormous category.

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