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What minis do you use?

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Unfortunately Games Workshop hasn't produced many minis that will work for Rogue Trader.  Sure they have a pair of Engineseers that will work for Explorators and there is at least one Astropath mini.  Pretty much any Imperial Guard mini could make for a passable Arch Militant but that's about it.  I think most Rogue Trader minis should have a naval feel judging from the artwork of the books.  Which minis have you been using?

I used Mad Jim Jones from Black Scorpion Miniatures to represent my Rogue Trader PC.  A good friend of mine painted him up and we swapped a Bolt Gun for the rifle on the mini's back.


Some of their Ork Pirates would make great Freebootaz with a bit of conversion.

We also used a Reaper mini for the Seneschal.



What about the rest of you?  What are you using for minis?

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I used a converted Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor for a female Rogue Trader/Throne Agent


, and I'm planning on getting Privateer Goodwin from Hasslefree for the competition (and give him a nice pair of bionic eyes). 



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 I second the necromunda minatures, especially the Van Saar for the tech/explorer bodysuit look and the Orlock for the shady criminal look. However look across the GW range for ideas too. I convorted my explorator from an Empire Alchemist wizard and the Seneshal is the female vampire in the baroque outfit from the mordheim range.

I think that what many people want is the pirate/privateer/navy look, and the GW range has few of those, though some models with the militaristic look like the Mordian iron guard with the braids could be converted with a little effort.  

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I have each of the following:

For the Rogue Trader



For the Astropath or Navigator


 - the Officer of the Fleet can be used as the Seneschal, Rogue Trader or high ranking Arch-Militant


 - the Astropath is has his face covered so he could be either.


 - the original Rogue Trader Astropath and Navigator

For the Missionary



 - a few of the Necromunda Redemptionists could work

For the Arch-Militant or Void Master

Just about any Imperial Guard, esp. the officer miniatures or Commissar looks good. Also the Necromunda miniatures, esp. Van Saar line as was mentioned


 - Void Master pilot style



For the Explorator


 - just a little work to cover the Inquisitorial " I " on his chest



 - the best Explorators!

For the Seneschal

 - Anima Tactics has some great miniatures like:






Heresy Miniatures has some basic Sci-Fi types and are relatively in expensive.

Reaper Chronoscope line has some other basic Sci-Fi types.

Cool Mini or Not .com has a large shop of many miniature brands to pick from; probably the best source to find non-GW miniatures to fit the roles you need. Just keep in mind that the miniatures lines run from 28mm (older styles) to 32-34mm for new companies.

That should give you just about anything you could want.




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Tonest Denon-bor said:

Does anybody have a good mini for a female Missionary? I can't find one for the life of me.



You could try the Sisters of Sigmar from the Mordeheim range. They would require converting to give them appropriate weapons and gear, but nothing a simple weapons swap wouldn't fix.


My own cast of characters included one of the Imperial Guard enginseers for an Explorator, the Witch Hunter female Inquisitor with a head swap for our rogue trader, the plastic tank commander from the Baneblade kit for our Voidmaster, and a converted Sister of Battle Seraphim for our Arch-Militant. All the models use various Necromunda bits. Colonel Schaffer's Last Chancers are a good resources for character minis as well (we'll be using them as various NPCs).

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Fortunately I'm a long time 4ok player as are most of my Rogue Trader group, and we all know others who have things like Battlefleet gothic miniatures and so on. I also happen to own a HUGE collection of star wars miniatures from the WOTC game and RPG.

So a quick list of what we use for various things:

ROGUE TRADER: The Vostroyan General figure from the 40k range. He's just flamboyant enough to be one, even if the PC has an entirely different hat.

KROOT: An Anghor Prok (limited edition model from when Tau were first released) kroot model. Though I keep meaning to customize up a normal plastic kroot to better represent my shaper, this thing is unique enough it stands out from the normal kroot.

ORK PC: The Kommando nob, complete with the backpack that sports a gretchin on it fits our Deathskull Kommando and his runt well. It even has the power klaw he uses.

VOID MASTER: The downed navy shipman from the Battle For MAcragge Boxset. Sometimes replaced with a space marine miniature when he's in his power armor.

NAVIGATOR AND OR ASTROPATH: The Astropath figure from the advisors set for 40k Imperial guard.

ARCH MILITANT: Van Saar leader miniature, or a Spyrer Orrus both from Necromunda

TECH PRIEST: The Enginseer model from the 40k Imperial guard line

THE PARTY'S ANCIENT HIGH TECH BATTLECRUISER: An Adeptus mechanicus cruiser from the Battlefleet Gothic range. Just have to remember to only count the base when using it on a battle grid.

SHIP GUARDS: Necromunda figures from the various groups. Mostly Escher, but also a few Delaque and Orlock figs get thrown in depending on which box I open first.

RANDOM HUMAN BAD GUYS: Any necromunda figures from factions I'm not using to represent the party's NPCs. I've also used Bespin guard minis from the star wars game as they're easy to get and look like mall cops of the future.

RANDOM GIANT MONSTERS: Again star wars minis. Specifically the eight Djarek (the chess game from the original movie) pieces. They're freaky, easy to get, and already sized for a normal gridded mat.


I also have a handful of Battlefleet gothic ships of frigate and smaller sizes which fit well onto a 1" mat and that I managed to get cheaply from friends who have old collections gathering dust. Anything bigger just requires you to remember to ONLY count the flight bases as the ship's location on the grid.

Before I got together the models I needed for the ships we just used character and NPC figures to represent ship locations on the battle mat. The captain's figfure represented the party's ship, and we used ork figs for ork ships, eldar for their vessels, and so on.








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 Depends on the game and the GM. I play an Explorator in one game and am using a converted LE Tech-Priest model. I also run a game and we don't use figures other than for space combat. 

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I find miniatures useful for longer more elaborate fights that are very important to the current adventure. Things like handling a pack of thugs in a hallway or even a quick firefight in a jungle don't see me break out the minis except maybe as a quick visual aid for positioning.

However for 'boss battles' I like to draw up a map of the area using my largest grid mat and sprinkling it with obstacles, cover, and scnery the players can use as they and whatever other factions involve procede to unleash hell upon one another. This is especially useful if a number of large NPC fodder units are being used by all sides as it helps keep tem in the picture, alongside any potential hazards such as precarious drops, cracked vista panels leading out into space, fuel tanks, etc.


For space combat I find minis almost essential if you want to use the combat system to its full potential. But again, small quick engagements generally don't need miniatures unless the party is having trouble visualizing the setup of the fight.

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The PCs from my group (the photos aren't the best, but then, neither are my paint jobs cool.gif):


Void Master












Arch Militant (bolt pistol missing)






Rogue Trader (Unfinished)



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I don't normally use minis myself either as a player or GM, but I'll second/third the Necromunda models. I find minis too fiddly for my liking and prefer drawn maps of character positions or totally abstract descriptions.

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