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Lord Loren Soth

necromancy question

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This is a question that isn't officially answered anywhere, to my knowledge.  The best unoffical answer (IMHO) is that the monster is still a monster, not a hero.  It follows all the normal rules for monsters, except that it is under the hero's control and treats heroes as friendly (and other monsters as enemy.)


A necro'd monster may not open doors to unrevealed areas.  (It may open and close door to revealed areas normally.)  It may not open Runelocked doors, even after the other side has been revealed.

A necro'd monster does not generate Line of Sight to prevent spawning.  It also wouldn't trigger the revelation of a new area if it somehow had LoS without any heroes having the same.

A necro'd monster does gain bonuses from hero skills and powers, like command.

A necro'd monster does block movement for enemy figures (ie" other monsters) and blocks LoS for everyone as usual.

A necro'd monster may not trigger encounters or otehr quest effects that require a hero to do something, but may trigger effects that only require a figure to do something.

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