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Well it's not an expansion, if that's what you're asking.

I suspect it's basically the same game with upgraded art and perhaps some errata to the rules.  I doubt there's very much different, otherwise it would probably have been called "second edition."

In other words, if you already own the original version, this one is probably a pass.  Unless you're a sucker for eye candy. =P

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I just bought this game yesterday.  And it's the revised edition.  The video reviews were all about the original.  They've changed up the graphics, so there is a bigger varitety of characters without actually having to add a ton of new characters (although it looks like there may be some).  They've also added in new play modes which I think most were already part of the game, it just lets you add one element at a time to help the learning curve be a little more gradual.  These are designated with letters on the cards:

-A:  The base game with a set group of 11 starting cards.

-B:  This adds more cards to allow you to build a deck so you can "concentrate on one Arcanum, bribe personalities more effectively, or take better advantage of the ablilities on Location cards."

-C:  This adds the Objectives (collecting a set from a certain fiefdom)

-D:  This adds the Militia

-E:  This adds Guild Masters who have certain powers to perform various tasks, or force your opponents to play a certain way

-F:  This adds Random Events which allow you to take 4 events cards that you shuffle with the "Ducal jubilee" card and place seperate from the neutral district.  Each event lasts the full round that it is in play for, adn is then discarded.  They add some cool little twists.

-G: This adds Tactical Discards.  This gives you the option of either placing a won Stake Card in your discard pile (as normal), or placing it beneath your Guild card.  This lets you keep clutter out of your deck to help "optimize your strategy."  They still count towards your victory points at the end of the game, they just don't take up room in your deck, which is nice if it's not a card that fits with your strategy, or if it's a weaker card.

It also sounds like FFG has tweaked the rule book to make more sense, and include errata.

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Skowza said:

Thanks Snibe, there's not much info on the forums about this... is it not very popular, or is there just not much to talk about?

I believe it is a popularity issue. In Italy I had quite an hard time finding a copy in any local store, and most people either haven't ever heard of the game or have played few games of the previous version without enjoying it. From what I've seen around the web, this is pretty much the same around the world.

I believe this is one little hidden gem: it is rough around some edges, but it's also definitely underrated and actually quite fun. gui%C3%B1o.gif

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