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Soldiers of Fortune, Rogue Trader Armed Forces

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(Not sure if this belongs in Fan Fiction or House Rules.)

So, I've got a game starting up in which I finally get to play a Rogue Trader. I'm very excited. One of the things that has always interested me is warfare, and while I don't intend my character to quite become a Trader Militant, I would like to have a small army of elite troops to call my own, and look forward to waging the occasional war in the name of conquest and profit. To that end, I've been looking at the Ground War rules and the examples of the fighting men and women of the Imperium found in the core rulebook and other source books, from Dark Heresy and Deathwatch as well as Rogue Trader. I discovered that I had a great deal of fun just inventing military units that exist independently of the Imperial Guard, the idiosyncratic and unusual armed forces that a Rogue Trader would have at their disposal. I've decided to share my thoughts and ideas, to receive feedback (I'm open to constructive criticism) and possibly provide tools and/or inspiration for others. While I plan to continue to construct rules details and background to expand upon the concepts of other military units that I have floating around in my head, I've started with the one that I'd most like to acquire (first) in my game.

While currently rather destitute, my character's Rogue Trader house is ancient, with a long and glorious history. Their current struggles are due to a recent misfortune, but the capacity to return to greatness still exists. Evidence of this can be found in the standing household troops of the dynasty. When the question arose of what kind of troops I begin with to fill my ship's Barracks Component at the start of the game, my GameMaster informed me that my current armsmen are fairly basic, Hired Guns, reflective of the hard-times my house has fallen upon, and that better troops would have to be purchased in-game. The elite armsmen sworn to the service of my house still exist, but due to extenuating circumstances they are currently unavailable, and a great effort would have to be made to reacquire them. I decided to detail what these troops would be like, to have the details I'm interested in available when I am finally able to acquire them. I haven't received my GameMaster's approval of what I have created yet, but I am hopeful that I will, when I attempt to replace my Hired Guns with the soldiers that have served my dynasty for generations. I call them the Jade Lions. 

The Jade Lions: House Troops of the von Neumon Rogue Trader Dynasty

As long as the von Neumon dynasty has existed, the Jade Lions have served as their blades. Military historians trace their origin back through the millennia to several Imperial Guard regiments, each loyal veteran units having suffered great casualties fighting against the traitors who had joined with Horus. These many remnants were combined into a single fighting unit specifically to serve the bearer of the newly drawn von Neumon Warrant of Trade. The battle histories of the Jade Lions' early engagements are vague and possibly exaggerated things, more like fantastic epics than true records of events, with many broad gaps where even these records were lost or the dynasty wished to keep something off the books. Famous for their participation at the forefront of the Angevin Crusade and their battles throughout the Koronus Expanse, the Jade Lions have currently been pulled into the Margin (i.e. Achilus) Crusade. There they wage war on the enemies of humanity alongside the Imperial Guard under the exiled head of the von Neumon dynasty Oster Carteris, while they wait for his heir to come to power. Each Jade Lion is oathsworn to serve the bearer of the von Neumon Warrant of Trade, so the House's current uncertainty puts them in a somewhat awkward position. Still, they have always been tenaciously loyal to their masters, and while they await the heir to the Warrant, they charge their guns to the service of the greater Imperium.

Great expense goes into the equipping of a Jade Lion, as they are terribly potent heavy infantry. They are clad in full-body carapace armor, similar to that which many Storm Troopers wear, and capable of being sealed temporarily against the dangers of the void. Their armor display's House von Neumon's colors, primarily black, but with green paneling and decorative gold, with the house's sigil, a skull with gold coins placed over the empty eye-sockets, often found on the breast or shoulder. A fully retractable helmet provides Lions with enhanced night-vision and secure vox-lines. The Lion's typical armament is the hellgun, and most squads equip an even number between Lucius and imported D'Laku patterns, backed up by grenades, fearsome rapid-cycling laspistols, and an intimidating chainsword. The Lions often field a high proportion of more powerful or specialized support weapons, everything from heavy stubbers and plasma guns to flamers and sniper rifles, each team's leader deciding what weapon is most appropriate for each deployment. Finally, Lions are armed with one more tool, a weapon of last resort. “The Push,” a single dose of Frenzon in a wrist-mounted injector built into their carapace armor, activated at the touch of a button. The Push is used only when there are no other viable options. When the Lion cannot flinch at the horror of the alien or the daemon coming to consume their soul, when if the Lion fails in this moment their life or more could be lost. It makes trained soldiers into berserkers, but sometimes being a berserker is the only way to achieve victory, or the only way to survive. The medics carefully monitor use of The Push, and those who use it too frequently are assigned a period of R&R. (Either they need to be rehabilitated, or they've been in so much brutal action they simply deserve a break.)

The Jade Lions are distinctive from the regiments of the Imperial Guard in many ways. Whereas the Guard is willing and able to drown its enemies in human bodies, this is not often possible for Rogue Traders venturing into unknown regions of space. Thus, emphasis is placed on the value of each soldier; they are expensive to recruit, to train, to arm, to feed, to transport, and to keep in fighting condition. It is every Lion's obligation to ensure that the value invested in them is repaid as many times over as possible. Teamwork and group cohesion is paramount, to maximize unit effectiveness, and eased by their common fealty and investment in the future of House von Neumon. Every soldier, particularly officers, is encouraged to be cunning and devious in their tactics and strategy, to find a balance between simplicity and complexity for every situation, and to wage war with a considerable lack of honor. In the Jade Lions, you are not allowed to lose, and failure to exploit a tactical advantage because it would be “unbecoming” can be a ticket to the brig, in addition to lives lost and time wasted.

Well-trained and flexible despite their heavy armament, the Jade Lions are willing and able to deploy to the battlefield in a variety of roles. Each and every one of them is capable of crewing ground vehicles, armored or not, and there are several pilots among their number; the Jade Lions are capable of using any transportation method necessary to get to the fight. Still, they are primarily an infantry unit, and their most common combat actions involve close-quarters urban combat and boarding actions. Perhaps their biggest weakness is in hostile environments, such as jungles and mountains, where their equipage slows them down and makes them considerably vulnerable to lighter, guerrilla infantry. Despite this they excel in urban warfare, conquering enemies with decisive tactics and application of overwhelming firepower, their appearances and departures often noted with an eerie silence thanks to the stummers they carry for just such a purpose.

It has been the experience of House von Neumon that the regimental force structure of the Imperial Guard is unsuitable for the household troops of a Rogue Trader. Rather than being organized into large and unwieldy regiments, cohesive units of Jade Lions rarely exceed company-size. They consider the vessel upon which they serve to be their “regiment” of origin, and as companies of Lions are transferred in and out, raised and rendered combat ineffective by casualties or fatigue, their organization is capable of shifting fluidly to accommodate the needs of the incoming and outgoing. Thus, the ship's master, lord-captain, or a designated senior military officer becomes the commander of the ship's “regiment” of Jade Lion companies, whichever ones happen to be assigned to the ship at the moment.

Author's Notes, Ground War & Stats: Jade Lions count as Veteran Modern Heavy Infantry, with a net Acquisition Test modifier of Punishing  (-50). They have a Power of 9, and a Morale of 90. I tried to extrapolate what stats for a Veteran Troop Quality soldier might be like, considering that the average level of their skills and characteristics should be 50, and using the household troops found in Lure of the Expanse as a starting point. I decided against making every one of their stats a 50, and instead gave them a good collection of skills and talents, reflecting broad competency. Heavy Infantry is also noted for a remarkable abundance of special and heavy weapons like plasma guns and heavy bolters, but I dialed that down a bit in favor of giving them some very nice hellguns.
Author's Notes, Specialists: Alongside the Lions' general skills and equipment, I also included skills and equipment reserved for specialists. About 40% of the Lions have additional abilities beyond that of common soldiers (about half of these being officers and team-leaders), and they are equipped appropriately. A medic, for example, might be able to use the Chem-Use and Medicae skills, and carry a medikit. An officer, meanwhile, would have the Command, Navigation (Surface), and Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) skills, and might carry a set of magnoculars. An engineer could have the Common Lore (Tech), Demolition, and Tech-Use skills, and carry a combi-tool and demolition charge. Or a whole squad might wear grav chutes for a combat drop . Et cetera.

= Weapon Skill: 40 || Ballistic Skill: 45 || Strength: 45 || Toughness: 45 || Agility: 40 || Intelligence: 35 || Perception: 35 || Willpower: 45 || Fellowship: 30 =

Movement: 4 / 8 / 12 / 24
Wounds: 15
Skills, General: Acrobatics, Awareness +10, Ciphers (Rogue Trader), Climb, Common Lore (Imperial Guard, Imperium, War), Concealment, Dodge, Drive (Ground Vehicle), Gamble, Intimidate, Literacy, Search, Secret Tongue (Military, Rogue Trader), Silent Move, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Survival, Swim.
Skills, Specialist: Chem-Use, Command, Common Lore (Tech), Demolition, Drive (Walker or Skimmer/Hover), Medicae, Navigation (Surface), Pilot (Flyers), Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Tech-Use, Tracking.
Talents, General: Ambidextrous, Die Hard, Double Team, Hardy, Jaded, Leap Up, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Resistance (Fear), True Grit, Unarmed Warrior.
Talents, Weapon Training: Basic (Universal), Flame (Universal), Heavy (Bolt, Las, Launcher, SP), Melee (Primitive, Universal), Pistol (Universal).

Armor: Storm Trooper Carapace (All 6), Advanced Helmet Systems (inbuilt Microbead/Vox-caster, Heightened Senses [sight], Dark Sight). Can be environmentally sealed for boarding actions.
Weapons: Typically, about 40% of these troops are equipped with Lucius Hellguns, about 40% are equipped with D'Laku Hellguns, and the remaining 20% are equipped with a Minerva-Aegis Las Carbine and a support weapon from the following list: Flamer, Grenade Launcher (Voss, with Frag-, Krak-, and Smoke Grenades), Heavy Stubber (either pattern), Meltagun (Mars), Missile Launcher (Locke, with Frag- and Krak missiles), Plasma Gun, Sniper Rifle (with Telescopic Sight and Amputator Shells). They are equipped with Fury Laspistols as sidearms, and are armed with Frag-, Smoke-, and Stun Grenades. For close actions, they carry Chainswords and mono-Knives. Because this list of weaponry is rather long, the profiles for each individual weapon have been included at the bottom of this page.
Gear, General: Reloads for primary weapon(s) and sidearm, additional reloads for squad's support weapon(s), chrono, clip/drop harness, combat storage webbing, injector with 1 dose of Frenzon, grapnel, magboots, melta gel, pack of lho sticks and/or flask of amasec, personal dataslate, stummer.
Gear, Specialist: Medikit (with various drugs, screaming tourniquets, etc), auxpex/scanner, combi-tool, demolition charge, grav chute, magnoculars, pict recorder.

Weapon Profiles:

  1. Primary: Lucius Hellgun: 110m, RoF S/3/-, Dam 1d10+4 E, Pen 7, Clip 30, Rld 2 Full.
  2. Primary: D'Laku Hellgun: 100m, RoF S/3/5, Dam 1d10+3 E, Pen 4, Clip 40, Rld 2 Full.
  3. Primary: Minerva-Aegis Las Carbine: 60m, RoF S/4/8, Dam 1d10+2 E, Pen 0, Clip 40, Rld Full, Reliable.
  4. Support: Flamer: 20m, RoF S/-/-, Dam 1d10+4 E, Pen 2, Clip 6, Rld 2 Full, Flame.
  5. Support: Grenade Launcher (Voss): 60m, S/-/-, Clip 6, Rld Full, Inaccurate. Other effects as per Grenade.
  6. Support: Heavy Stubber (Orthlack): 120m, RoF -/-/10, Dam 1d10+5 I, Pen 3, Clip 200, Rld 2 Full. Ursid patterns are instead Clip 40, Rld Full.
  7. Support: Meltagun (Mars): 20m, RoF S/-/-, Dam 2d10+8 E, Pen 13, Clip 5, Rld 2 Full. Double Penetration within 10m.
  8. Support: Missile Launcher (Locke): 250m, RoF S/-/-, Clip 1, Rld Full. Frag Missile: Dam 2d10 X, Pen 4, Blast 6. Krak Missile: Dam 3d10+10 X, Pen 10, Blast 1.
  9. Support: Plasma Gun: 90m, RoF S/2/-, Dam 1d10+7, Pen 6, Clip 40, Rld 5 Full, Overheats. Maximal: 100m, Dam 2d10+7, Pen 8, uses 3 rounds of ammunition, Recharge.
  10. Support: Sniper Rifle: 220m, RoF S/-/-, Dam 1d10+6 I, Pen 0, Rld Full, Accurate. Telescopic Sight: After a Full Action Aim, ignore penalties for long and extreme range. Amputator Shells: Effects already included in weapon profile.
  11. Sidearm: Fury Laspistol: 20m, RoF S/2/5, Dam 1d10+2, Pen 0, Clip 30, Rld Full, Reliable.
  12. Close Quarters: Chainsword: Dam 1d10+6, Pen 2, Tearing, Balanced.
  13. Close Quarters: Mono-Knife: Dam 1d5+4, Pen 2.
  14. Close Quarters: Unarmed Warrior: Dam 1d10+1, Primitive.
  15. Grenade: Frag: 9m, RoF S/-/-, Dam 2d10 X, Blast 4.
  16. Grenade: Krak: 9m, RoF S/-/-, Dam 2d10+4 X, Pen 6.
  17. Grenade: Smoke: 9m, RoF S/-/-, creates a smoke screen 3d10 meters in diameter, lasts for 2d10 Rounds. Only blocks visual/optical senses.
  18. Grenade: Stun: 9m, RoF S/-/-, Blast 3, pass a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or become Stunned for 1d5 rounds. Photo-visors and sealed armor provide a +20 bonus to Test.

Author's Notes, Horde: If used as a Horde, Jade Lions may have the Dirty Fighters Trait and any or all Trained Horde Traits. As an optional rule, one of the Horde's ranged attacks should be made with one of the Jade Lion's support weapons, and of the remaining, half should be made with Lucius Hellguns, and half should be made with D'Laku Hellguns.

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So, having critically examined the Jade Lions, and gotten feedback from a few friends who took a look, I decided to upgrade that unit from Professional to Veteran status. This upgrade came with a +5 boost to each of their Characteristics, three Skill additions/upgrades, and a couple of additional Talents (already included above). I believe this pushed them out of the space between Professional and Veteran, and move them more comfortably into the space of the latter.

Infantry forces do not exist in a vacuum (much as the Departmento Munitorum seems to wish they would). They rely on the cooperation of supporting units. The Imperial Guard's regimental organization creates homogeneous units of a particular type of armed forces, such as infantry regiments, armored regiments, artillery regiments, and cavalry regiments. This is both an administrative tool and a method of preventing the mass uprisings of the Horus Heresy; each individual regiment is far too specialized to be effective in battle unless supported by other regiments of different roles. Imperial commanders combine the regiments under their authority by necessity, loaning out a squadron of tanks from an armored regiment to support an infantry regiment, or attaching an artillery battery for the duration of a campaign. This is confusing and unwieldly, and inappropriate for the armies of a Rogue Trader.

Modern militaries often make use of "organic" specialists, units within a greater unit that have a specialized skill or armament that differs from that of the greater unit, but which are considered for all intents and purposes to be part of the greater unit anyway. For example, armored cavalry regiments are typically composed of main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, but they often have squadrons of attack and recon helicopters organic to the unit. These helicopters and their pilots (and their support crews) are always going to be part of the armored cavalry regiment, the regimental commander doesn't have to worry about a superior taking them away because they are needed elsewhere.

The Jade Lions make use of such organic support elements, and while they often operate in cooperation with other military forces to achieve peak combat effectiveness, they have organic support elements within their own command structure which protects them from total reliance on external support, giving them a capacity for operational independence that would be very useful for Rogue Traders. Thus, I present three additional units which, while they have slightly differing roles or equipment, are still Jade Lions.

Author's Notes, GM Approval: Again, my GameMaster has not approved of my using these units or their stats in our game yet. Because my dynasty is destitute, it will likely be a long, long time before I even begin discussion of whether these units can be used, and what would be required to acquire them. This is mostly for me, I'm having fun with it, and I hope I can use this material later.

The Jade Lions: Raiders

While the Jade Lions are capable of traveling in and crewing a variety of ground vehicles, companies which become dedicated mechanized infantry are known by the specialist title of Raiders. This is in no small part due to the Jade Lion mechanized infantry's premier armored transport and infantry fighting vehicle; the Land Raider Confessor. Acquired at great expense and only through House von Neumon's connections with the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Confessor is a Land Raider variant that involves a partial break from the archaic tank's STC design specifications. In part due to this, the Confessor is seen by many to be an inferior vehicle, even a perversion of one of the greatest instruments of warfare in the galaxy. Still, its unique modifications make it perfect for use by the Raiders.

An immediately noticeable and distinctive feature of the Confessor is its' weapons profile, which deviates radically from proscribed Land Raider patterns. In a shock for many, side-sponson weapons are entirely absent, giving the Confessor a slimmer profile and greater agility in tight environments like urban sprawl. The Confessor mounts two turrets, one recessed into the front of the hull as is standard for Land Raiders, and a second mounted in a turret more common to Razorbacks atop the Confessor's back. Each of these turrets mounts a pair of twin-linked multi-lasers, rapid-cycling and high-power weapons ideal for infantry suppression and capable of reliable operation in hostile conditions, even a lack of atmosphere. In addition, two missile racks are affixed to the top-mounted turret, each holding six krak missiles, which allows the Confessor to threaten heavy armor.

The Confessor's deviation from STC specifications has resulted in marginally poorer armor protection, and also lightens the immense vehicle to some degree. The designers have taken advantage of this, and with urban combat in mind, have created baffles to cover the Confessor's main engine housings, rigged oversized on-board stummers, and mounted specialized sound-dampening armored treads. This gives the tank a decreased sound-profile, and in urban environments, can render the tank virtually immune to audible detection unless the listener is within twenty-five meters. Combined with the tank's thermal-imaging, when running “lights off” the Confessor can sneak through urban neighborhoods undetected and deploy troops for a surprise assault.

While Confessors serve admirably in open warfare, their main role for the Jade Lions is in the transport of infantry, and the support of infantry with heavy firepower. In a Raider company, each Confessor is typically the dedicated vehicle of a single infantry platoon, four fire-teams of five. The commander of the tank is also the platoon commander, using the Confessor's command and control suite to direct his subordinates. Like all Jade Lions, Raiders excel in urban combat, where the Confessor provides speed and protection, getting the infantry teams into critical locations and suppressing enemy targets while the team carries out the platoon's objective. Raider platoons often carry out high-priority missions, such as capture of valuable personnel, destruction of critical soft-targets, and missions behind enemy lines, striking fast and hard, and then retreating in the safety of their heavy armor.

Like the troops they carry, Confessors are painted predominately black, with small sections painted green, and a small amount of gold decoration. The House von Neumon sigil appears on the vehicle's doors and often on the armored tread-housings.

Author's Notes, Ground War & Stats:
Jade Lion Raiders count as Professional Modern Heavy Mechanized Infantry, with a net Acquisition Modifier of Hellish (-60). They have a Power of 10, and a Morale of 90. They must be acquired separately from standard Jade Lion infantry. I created the Confessor variant of Land Raider because I wanted something just as heavily armored, but a little more agile, like the modern Stryker, capable of operating swiftly in urban environments. It is a custom variant of the Land Raider, and it is not cannon.
Author's Notes, Jade Lions: The Raiders are a mechanized infantry unit. Half of that designation is their Confessors, half of that designation is the infantry teams. Raider infantry have the same stats and equipment as other Jade Lions.

Land Raider Variant, Confessor:
This vehicle uses all of the rules for other Land Raiders (Deathwatch: Rights of Battle, p. 172) with the following exceptions:

  1. Armor: Front 45, Side 45, Rear 45.
  2. Carrying Capacity: 20 soldiers in full wargear, or equivalent cargo.
  3. Remove the twin-lined Lascannon sponsons.
  4. The Confessor replaces the twin-linked heavy bolter turret with one featuring twin-linked multi-lasers (Facing Front/Sides, 250m, RoF -/-/10, Dam 3d10+3 E, Pen 4, Clip 100, Rld 3 Full, Twin-linked).
  5. The Confessor adds a top-mounted turret armed with twin-linked multi-lasers (Facing All, otherwise as above) and a Cyclone Missile Launcher (Facing All, 300m, RoF S/2/-, Clip 12, Rld 3 Full) with Krak Missiles (Dam 3d10+10 X, Pen 10, Blast 1).
  6. Stealth: When the tank's stealth-systems are active, the Confessor ignores penalties associated with being a large vehicle in regards to attempts by the vehicle's crew to remain undetected, and any attempts to detect the Confessor by purely audible means are Hard (-20) unless the listener is within 25 meters. These stealth-systems are capable of operating for two hours, after which they must be recharged for six hours.

The Jade Lions: Arbalests

Arbalests are the designation for Jade Lion fire-teams trained in the use and direction of artillery. Organic to their individual companies, almost all Jade Lion company armories include Locke-pattern mortars and a stockpile of shells with which to arm their Arbalest teams at a moment's notice. Arbalests provide Jade Lion infantry with long-ranged fire support and artillery cover, when they need it and where they need it. Arbalests are also frequently outfitted with Hunter Killer Missiles, fitted to man-portable launchers which can be set up on tripods and launched remotely from up to five meters away. When expecting extended combat operations, Arbalests are often given access to Centaur artillery tractors or Sentinels modified to haul light cargo loads, so that they may carry with them sufficient ammunition without impeding their mobility.

Author's Notes, Ground War & Stats: Jade Lion Arbalests count as Veteran Modern Light Artillery, with a net Acquisition Modifier of Very Hard (-30). They have a Power of 7, and a Morale of 90. Their attacks have a range of 5 kilometers. They must be acquired separately from standard Jade Lion infantry.
Author's Notes, Jade Lions: Though the attack power of the Arbalests comes from light artillery pieces, the crew are still Jade Lions. Arbalest crewmen have the same stats and equipment as Jade Lions, except where otherwise noted. Typically, an Arbalest team consists of five Jade Lions operating two Locke-pattern mortars, two Lions crewing each weapon and a fifth being the team-leader and spotter.

Weapons Profiles:

  1. Support: Hunter-Killer Missile: 350m, RoF S/-/-, Dam 3d10+6 X, Pen 6, Clip 1, Rld N/A. One shot per weapon only, +20 Ballistic Skill.
  2. Support: Mortar (Locke): 50-300m, RoF S/-/-, Dam 2d10 X, Pen 3, Clip 6, Rld 2 Full, Inaccurate, Blast 5. Also capable of firing smoke grenades.
  3. Indirect Fire: On a hit, the shell scatters 1d10 meters. On a miss, the shell scatters 2d10 meters. With a spotter (Full Round Action) the next shot gains +20 to its Ballistic Skill Test and only scatters 1d5 meters on a hit.

The Jade Lions: Sentries

The Jade Lions are occasionally forced to operate independently, without the support of friendly air forces and outside the reach of substantial anti-aircraft artillery, making them vulnerable to attack from the skies. This is often the case in prolonged urban engagements, where opponents wrestle for control of the air, and triple-A coverage is spotty at best. In such situations, many platoons temporarily designate a single squad as Sentries, tasked with providing aerial overwatch and equipped to suit this purpose. Sentry teams remain organic to the platoon, often traveling with their comrades giving them mobile protection, or finding advantageous high ground from which they can provide cover. They are equipped with a high proportion of support weapons, heavy stubbers and missile launchers, even heavier support guns like autocannon and multi-lasers which do not normally see service among the Jade Lions. When expecting extended combat operations, Sentries are often given access to Centaur artillery tractors or Sentinels modified to haul light cargo loads, so that they may carry with them sufficient ammunition without impeding their mobility.

Author's Notes, Ground War & Stats: Jade Lion Sentries count as Veteran Modern Light Anti-Air, with a net Acquisition Modifier of Very Hard (-30). They have a Power of 7, and a Morale of 90. Their attacks have a range of 5 kilometers, and provide 10 points of cover to all friendly units within this range. They must be acquired separately from standard Jade Lion infantry.
Author's Notes, Jade Lions: Sentry units are merely Jade Lions with a considerably higher proportion of heavy weapons for fending off enemy aircraft. Sentry teams have the same stats and equipment as Jade Lions, except where otherwise noted. Typically, a Sentry team consists of five Jade Lions operating two to four heavy weapons, with the team-leader also functioning as a spotter and vox-operator.

Weapons Profiles:

  1. Support: Autocannon: 300m, RoF S/2/5, Dam 4d10+5 I, Pen 4, Clip 60, Rld 2 Full.
  2. Support: Multi-laser: 250m, RoF -/-/10, Dam 3d10+3, Pen 4, Clip 60, Rld 3 Full.

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