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Kill Team Epsilon

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Heres a Quick Rundown of our kill Team, Codenamed "Epsilon."  (didnt know where else to post this)

Flesh Tearers Assault marine, Seth:

A violent marine whos sanity slowly slipped away during his tenure in Epsilon. He would often slip into a battle rage during combat, Many times Jepardizing the mission objesctives. It is whispered amongst his KT that he made a deal with a denizen of the warp, In the same mission he also Aquired a warp cursed helm, It accelerated his speed greatly. After the mission he was detained abord the Cobra ship they were stationed on. While the killteam was engaged on another endevor a radical inquisitor boarded the ship and gave seth freedom in exchange for the chaos artifact. He convinved Seth tht his KT was against him and instigated a coup, in the battle that followed his brother marines were able to convince him who the real enemy was, but it was too late as the Radical inquisitor escaped. On the next mission Seth offered to help a company of space wolves find thier missing scouts, he has not been heard from since.\ Current Status:MIA


Concecrators Devestator Marine, Calibos

A quiet marine who always seems to supernaturally come out of the heaviest fighting unscathed. This has caused him to have a universal renown within the deathwatch. He aquired a Company standard and possibly other material from a dying Dark Angels Captain. He carried the standard with him on all the following missions until the team was stranded on a tau held hive world, Where it mysteriously disappeared. Since then his paranoia is becoming quite a concern with watch captain Servias. He seemed to have a hallucination of an intruder aboard erioch and opened fire. Upon review of the security tapes there was no intruder where he indicated. He is the most Diplomatic out of the kill team, A rarity for a succesor of the aloof dark angels chapter. He is always seen with his heavy bolter. His relic armour, While not artificer armor still marks him as a consecrator. He is obsessed with gunplay and in battle is slow and lumbering. He also has an unrational fear of running out of ammo. He always tries to aquire more ammo from locals, much to the dismay of the KT.\ Current Status: Kill Team Epsilon.


Storm Wardens Epistolary, Secarim.

A powerful psyker who Has been with the kill team from the start. He has many times used his powers to benefit the KT, normally by erecting a barrier of warp energy to circumvent ballistics. He is not the most likeable marine to grace the KT, maybe due to his psyker mutation; maybe to his constant diplomatic tactic of tripping over his tounge. He is noted for single handedly destroying a Hammerhead gunship in a strange duel, using his powers at range to bring down the grav tank and saving his team from the fire, ths has earned him the crux terminatus though he rarly uses the tactical dreadnaught armour in favor of a jetpack. He fights with a relic shield from his parent chapter and a force claymore. On a side note, he did summon a daemon prince when manifesting his powers in the middle of a fire fight, the warp monster did scare the tau away and the daemon was banished back to the warp. But the incident has had a psycholgical effect on secarim and he now uses his powers more sparingly and at more manegable settings. Current Status\ Kill Team Epsilon.


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Link Re-established....Resuming....


Black Templars Chaplain/Apothecary Ramier.

Ramier is the most straightforward member of the KT, He gets frustrated with diplomacy after the first attempt. He will not back down from a fight, and will suffer grevious wounds in his pursuit of "the emperors will." He grows frustrated with psykers as much as any templar will, even more so after a psyker "mutant" tricked him into walking on volcanic lava. The resulting bionic leg is a point of contention for him, as he see purity of flesh over strength of steel. Ramier is always seen jumping into combat with a crozius in one hand and his master crafted storm bolter in the other. Though he has a good ability to dodge attacks and has a rosarius, he has more bad luck then any other Epsilon member, and more often then not, performs medical duties on himself more than any other member. Needles to say, without him the killteam would have died early on.\Current status:Kill Team Epsilon.


Iron Hands Techmarine Alyxander.

Alyxander,Aly, or Xander is a very adept techmarine. Little flesh can be seen on him. He claims to be as bionic as can be without being a data disc himself. He is the first to claim the flesh is weak and proves it by shrugging off damage that would inflict serious harm on another. He uses his servo harness as a mobile weapons platform more than a repair tool. And he will let himself be hit in order to hit back will one of his servo arms. He almost died on one mission where he fell approx. 250.36 meters (by his estimate) down an elevator shaft on a xenos ship. On a particular note, he is the first on the team to partake of alcohol in any situation. Perhaps he can determine the amount of alcohol in his blood and use that to examine how human he really isnt.\Current Status: Kill Team Epsilon.


Blood Angels Assault marine Azrael.

Azrael is the newest member of epsilon and brings the team back up to nominal strength after the departure of Seth. He fights with cunning ambush tactics and commonly employs a masking screen to sneak up on foes. As for weapons he jump packs into battle with lightning claw and a storm shield. Being drawn on from another watch station this Watch fortress lacks any data on his past endeavors and thus can only coment on his actions since being folded into Epsilon.\Current Status: Kill Team Epsilon.


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