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RPG One ( or two) shot in Juli 29th to 4th August

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I am RPG and Board Gamer living in Germany.

I am visiting the Twin Cities in the time of Juli 29th to 4th August. I'd love to RPG with some of you guys, though it would be only a one shot due to time.
I'd like to play
* Darkheresy
* RogueTrader
* Shadowrun
* DND: 3/3.5/Pathfinder/4
* or any other RPG
I would even DM WFRP or Shadowrun, but I wont take my books with me, so somebody has to bring theirs.
If any of you RPG guys there in the twin cities has time and would like to game with me I’d appreciate it a lot.

My Bio
Age 42, playing for 30 years now. Playing about 1,2 per week. Playing now Dark Heresy, Savage Worlds (50Fathoms), Shadowrun and Pathfinder. I played and DMed almost every RPG

Hope to hear from you. 

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