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Reflowing water

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Your in a room with a low flood and you open a hatch to a room with high flood. What happens? This is my only point of confusion with the rules. I have been playing that it transfers high flood to the room you are in and makes the room that previously had a high flood a low flood now. I dont know if this is right but it sure is fun when you have lots of flooded areas to move the water all over and use it to put out a fire somewhere . Example..lets say the room to the right of me has a fire in it, the room I am in has a low flood and the room to my left has a high flood. I open the hatch to the room on the left letting water reflow to the room I am in making it the room with the high flood now. All I can do is "move", no action because I am in a room with a high flood. So I open the hatch to the right reflowing water and putting out the fire. Now all three room have a low flood and no fires and I still havent left my movement phase.Can anyone clarify the official ruling for me?  I kind of have a feeling that you just can not open a hatch to a high flood room if you are in a low flood room without first pumping the room you are in.

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