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French national 2011

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Hi guys, here a report about the French national.

The main event was last Sunday June 5, 2011. It was in the city of Lyon (in the game shop Trollune) during the French’s Lcg’s day. There were AGOT tournaments (75 players), WI tournaments (15 players) and COC tournaments (12 players). Solo and multiplayers games.

For the main event to know the French champion, we have played 4 rounds and a top 4 to determine the finalists. The final result is here :

1. Leng
2. Otia Tronem
3. Dadajef
4. Ticondrihus
5. DrJones7
6. Yamsur
7. Selpoivre
8. Coyote
9. Misquamacus
10. Lamurenne
11. Prodigee
12. Lion de Lyon

You will find on the cenacle some French report here: cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/f37-les-nationaux and here cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2148-retour-dadajef-du-cf-2011 for games I have played.

It was very fun with old and new players and the level was very high. The interest was to show than the apocalyptic decks Yog/Silver Bounce… are strong but when you are waiting for them, you can counter them. 3 players were playing such decks and only 1 finish in the top 4. We have also shown again and again how the descendant of Eibon is always a BROKEN card and the restricted list change nothing for this card. Only the FFG staff doesn't find this card broken, funny.

The champion (Leng, our red glove man happy.gif) have played a classical rush deck agency/hastur/syndicat. Even without birds and dog, it’s always powerful and fast. The syndicat exhaust splash is nice to end the stories and descendant make the games.

The second Otia Tronem, was playing a Yog/Silver Bounce with the habitual cards (Jeffrey, yog characters coming in play for free, dreamland fanactics, etc…). An idea of his deck here : cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2151-deck-otia-tronem-2nd-au-cf-2011

The third player, me, was playing a mono-Cthulhu destroy deck with a splash Angency : cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2149-dadadeck-cf-2011  It’s a good way to lock the bounce silver/yog decks. You play with fewer characters as usual (21 characters + 3 encounters intervention so = 24 characters), a lot of destroy/wound event and then you wait your opponent play cards to destroy/kill them. The agency splash (Intervention is nice for that) is good to have investigation and win stories in 2 turns. On the Cenacle, I explain how to play this deck (in French).

The fourth player was playing an investigator miska/agency/attachments deck. It’s a rush deck and the flux stabilizer is great to block bounce or descendants.

The card we have seen the most during the tournament was…The dreamland fanatic, a very useful card for all factions !

Others players have played some bounce Silver/yog deck, some mono-deep one cthulhu, shub or hastur/insane decks.

More generally, during playtests or tournaments in France the best working decks are :

- Rush Agency/hastur + splash (the best splash seems to be the syndicat one)
- Bounce ST/yog (classical but very predicable)
- Mono-Ctulhu decks + Splash (the best splash seems to be Agency to add investigations and behind bars to finish stories)

I will add the Hastur/shub insane deck (Spider of Leng is a great card), it must be optimized again, but very useful against bounce deck. Mono-hastur deck are again a little bit weak and slow to work well.

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Thanks for reporting here, and especially thanks to everyone reporting in detail over at the Cenacle! happy.gif

I agree about the Descendant of Eibon being still too powerful. But I'd prefer an adjustment to the card to complete banning.

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Thanks for the report and the decklists! (if someone could post an English report, that would be great :P)


I really need to try out some new stuff coming from the French side :D


Thanks again and congrats!


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