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Darth Smeg

Request for Input: How to royally screw over a Tech-Priest

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 Note that a canny tech-priest can also counter certain more....vulgar....attempts to do gross-physical damage to him via pilfering bionic limbs.  Example: having a concealed weapons bionic laspistol in an arm that has a cybernetic command to cleanly detach at the elbow (we're assuming you don't bleed from wrecked bionics) and along with a hard-coded command upon manual severance to empty the clip into the laspistol all at once to cause a rather nasty explosion to the "lucky" guy who was busy holding the arm while trying to saw it off.

This is just an example but encourage the tech-priest's player to think up last-ditch countermeasures that might disable certain systems until he can find an opportunity to replace/repair them then force the player into using them to take him down a peg (can't carry heavy weaponry when he's only got one arm).

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