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Anima Descent Project

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Hi guys. I've just launched the Anima-Descent Project. It includes both creating Descent compatible Charcater sheets for all Anima Characters from Anima Tactics AND then creating appropriate Overlord Avatars to oppose them...

If you have no idea of what Anima Tactics is, I believe this topic is pretty unimportant to you.

For now, I'm at step 1.

Character creation was made using my personal variant of Antistone's Herogen v2.3.

Before beginning I was struck with an issue...which is named balance. Now...having Lin Pao at the same "power level" as Dereck Shezard would have been completely meaningless. Still, creating 101 characters without taking into account the least bit of the balancing would have been madness. To solve the issue I calculated the Level Average of Characters in Anima Tactics. For those of you who don't know the game but are still interested in this babbling characters in that game have a Level going from 35 to 90, with discretes of 5. Hence there are 35, 40, 45, 50 etc. Level characters.

Once I calculated the average of the 101 characters I wanted to translate into Descent, I obtained the magic number 49.99...Which was reasonably rounded to 50. Hence I decided that Lev50 Characters in Anima Tactics would be translated in 360BP characters using Antistone's Editor. Now the matter was how to handle lower and higher level characters. My first guess was using a direct proportion, but the range would have been between 250BPs and 650BPs (!!!), with a mighty difference in power between characters, so I decided to bench this hypotesis and try something different: each increment or decrement in 5Levles in Anima Tactics would be equal to a 10BPs increment or decrement using Herogen. The range now was between 330 (which still allows the building of playable characters, especially if you consider that Laurel is 327 and Jaes is 328) and 440 (which is still big, but on par with Astarra's 439BPs and lower than Nanok's 456BPs in my Herogen, since I calculated the cost for his ability). Now characters would all have been in the range of playability...There are a few which are overpowered, but actually characters of Level60+ in Anima Tactics (corresponding to 380+BPs are only 18 out of 101, while if you take into account Descent Original characters, there are 17 out of less than 100 which are in the same range). A tolerance of 5 points (both up and down) was allowed for each character, since elsewhere the building would have driven me crazy. For an instance a Level45 character from Anima Tactics had to be built with a BP cost between 345 and 355.

Actually, I've already rolled all of them, but as you can easily understand I had no time to put them on sheets...Anyway, at the end of it I decided to calculate the Average BPs of characters rolled this way. If everything had gone according to my plans, the result should have been 360BPs, of course...well, to my delight, the average was 360.009...meaning I was successful in my intent.

As a guideline I tried my best to translate the abilities of the character in Anima into Descent suitable abilities.

Following are the stats for a few of them, taken from different "power ranges".


Level 35 - Sophia Ilmora - 331BPs

HP: 8. Fat: 2. Arm: 0. Spe: 3. CT: 1

Melee1 Ranged 1 Magic 1

Fighting 1 Subterfuge 1 Wizardry 1

Adjacent heroes have +1Armor. Command 1. At the beginning of her turn heroes within 3 spaces recover 1 Fatigue.


Level 40 - Harod - 340BPs

HP: 12. Fat: 4. Arm: 0. Spe: 5. CT: 3.

Melee 3 Ranged 0 Magic 0

Fighting 1 Subterfuge 2 Wizardry 0

Stealth. While equipped with 2 melee weapons, receives off-hand bonus from both.


Level 45 - Bella - 351BPs

HP: 12. Fat: 3. Arm: 0. Spe: 4. CT: 3.

Melee 0 Ranged 0 Magic 3

Fighting 0 Subterfuge 1 Wizardry 2

Sorcery 1, Knockback and Daze. Sky Familiar (to represent Aqua, her familiar)


Level 50 - Drake - 360BPs

HP: 12. Fat: 4. Arm: 2. Spe: 4. CT: 4.

Melee 3 Ranged 0 Magic 0

Fighting 2 Subterfuge 0 Wizardry 0

+2Damage on Melee Attacks. Ignore Fear.


Level 55 - Macbeth - 373BPs

HP: 16. Fat: 4. Arm: 2. Spe: 3. CT: 5.

Melee 3 Ranged 0 Magic 0

Fighting 2 Subterfuge 0 Wizardry 1

Suffers 1 lesser wound than usual every time he's wounded.


Level 60 - Valeria Strauss (inside Goethia) - 379BPs

HP: 16. Fat: 2 Arm: 2. Spe: 5. CT: 5.

Melee 0 Ranged 2 Magic 1

Fighting 1 Subterfuge 2 Wizardry

Receive 2 extra movement points each turn regardless of chosen action.


Level 65 - Elienai - 389BPs

HP: 8. Fat: 4. Arm: 0. Spe: 4. CT: 3.

Melee 0 Ranged 0 Magic 1

Fighting 1 Subterfuge 1 Wizardry 1

Fly, Ghost, Shadowcloack. Adjacent heroes have +1Armor. Enemy figures can pass through.


Level 70 - Griever - 401BPs

HP: 16. Fat: 4. Arm: 2. Spe: 3. CT: 5.

Melee 5 Ranged 0 Magic 0

Fighting 2 Subterfuge 0 Wizardry 1

Once per turn, after rolling the dice for a Melee attack, you may spend 3 fatigue to place any sides of the dice faceup, except that you cannot change the result of the Red die.


Level 75 - Romeo Exxet - 408BPs

HP: 16. Fat: 3. Arm: 2. Spe: 4. CT: 5.

Melee 3 Ranged 0 Magic 0

Fighting 2 Subterfuge 0 Wizardry 1

2 free surges on all attacks. Figures damaged suffer +1 damage for each space they occupy beyond the first.


Level 80 - Alastor - 423BPs

HP: 16. Fat: 3. Arm: 2. Spe: 3. CT: 5.

Melee 3 Ranged 0 Magic 0

Fighting 2 Subterfuge 0 Wizardry 1

Command 1. At the beginning of his turn both him and friendly figures within 3 spaces recover 1 fatigue.


Level 85 - Arkeid - 430BPs

HP: 16. Fat: 4. Arm: 2. Spe: 4. CT: 5.

Melee 2 Ranged 0 Magic 2

Fighting 2 Subterfuge 0 Wizardry 1

Command 1. May use two-handed Runes as if they were 1 handed weapons.


Level 90 - Reist Ebersbacher (inside Legacy of Solomon) - 439BPs

HP: 16. Fat: 3. Arm: 3. Spe: 5. CT: 5.

Melee 0 Ranged 0 Magic 2

Fighting 0 Subterfuge 0 Wizardry 2

Cannot be healed or wear Armor. Regeneration 1. Move through Water and Rubble. +1Armor for each Magic Trait Die.


Consider it a preview...should the community be interested I can post more...a lot more, actually...

As always, any comment, opinion, suggestion, stuff is welcome.

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I guess not so many people are interested in it, since the lack of replays.

I actually already have in Excel Format all of them done (they're 101, if I'm not mistaken), but due to general lack of interest, I'm not investing my time in turning all of them into character sheet.

If you're interested, add me to your fried list or somehow let me have your e-mail I can send you a Word file, with all of them.

If there are a few you're particularly interested in...I can even go as far as preparing appropriate character sheets and/or we might discuss about the following parts of the project.

If I prepare some complete sheet, I'll probably also post it here...but sincerely, unless some request is done, I'm not going to convert all of those written statistics into sheets...because I don't have time, mainly.

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