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Yes, the creation team is a french one

We did share some tables for the festival of Parthenay (deux-sevres). THe team is a great bunch of marvelous people who design a simple and effective game : You play a guy, and you choose diferents cards to build your deck

You choose an arena where your chars evolved and can reah oneother to fight him or duck the moves.

It work like this : You got two differents levels (skills and magic) + your deck include moves, actions and stuffs your character can bring with him.

You roll dice, and it works a little like a rpg (boni, mali, events that can change  the result of yur roll). The opponent defends, the wounds are calculated by the amounts of wounds you get on your dice.


It's a strange mix of UFS (as you play only one char during your whole game), magic (for events and attachments, tapping system) and RPG.


Give it a try, it's totally different from CTHULHU LCG !



BTW take a look at the illos, they are great

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