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Gentil Baba

First game, at last!

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We played for the first time this evening. I've been painting the figs for months! (I'm slow, and I was busy...)

We just set up a generic engagement, with six infantry and two cavalry units on both sides. Three objectives hexes were set in the middle hex row.

Game was supposed to last 8 turns but we stopped at the end of turn 5, as it was getting late.

Boy, that was fun! Here are a few pictures.

So, French set up, its cavalry on its left, British set up, cavalry on its right:


Here's the point of view from the French side. Notice one of the objective hexes in the center.


The French cavalry rushed for the objective on its right. British infantry units hastily formed square.


British rushed to the objective on their right flank. But at a cost, as the French fired at will and disordered the whole group! Meanwhile, British cavalry units manoeuvered to fill the gap in the center.


And as soon as they could, they charged the French infantry units which formed squares! (Hey, this was our first game! No subtility, here!)


On the French left side, French infantry pushed back the British and captured an objective!


On their right side, French cavalry units successfully routed a British unit in a suprise charge from an event card. Other infantry units defended in square, as British cavalry smashed the center.


We didn't finish. But, Boy! Did I say it? What a game! Next Wednesday, we will be playing again!

Bravo Ugo and Sergio!


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KlausFritsch said:

Fantastic work!

I am far too lazy to paint napoleonics.


It's not you're too lazy, it's just you're not crazy!

(Figs representing this era are a pain to paint! So much details! Know what I'm going to paint now? Good ol' Russian FoB soldiers! Ahaaa! No fuss!)

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I painted all the miniatures needed for the scenario 4 first. Roughly, 85 miniatures plus a French Gun.


We played this scenario few times and then we selected scenario 7 and I just started to paint the miniatures needed for this scenario (around 25).

Then, we are going to play this scenario few times and will choose another one, ....


I proceeded the same way with Tide of Iron miniatures. Step by step.


A rule we have in our club : We don't use any unpainted miniatures to play, except for the first play test of the game.


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