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UK Regional - Northampton Winning Deck List

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Here's the winning deck from the tournament. 10 players and a mix of Orcs, Empire, Dwarf, Chaos and Dark Elf.


This deck went for 6 wins, 0 losses.


Units: (24)

X3 Pistoliers
X3 Black Knights of Morr
X3 Rodrik's Raiders
X3 Friedrich Hemmler
X3 Knights Panther
X3 Zealot Hunter
X3 Spell Singer
X3 Warriors of Ulric

Supports: (12)

X3 City Gates
X3 Shrine to Taal
X3 Derricksburg Forge
X3 Contested Village

Tactics: (15)

X3 Will of the Electors
X3 Judgement of Venera
X3 Innovation
X3 Long Winter
X3 Called Back

Quest: (3)

X3 Visit the Haunted City


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Cheers for putting up your decklist matey.

It was a pleasure to see you at the UK Regionals event at Wargames Workshop.

For yours and everyone elses delectation, I've shovelled the decklist into Deckbox, so that it can be viewed with all the pretty pictures :-)

Hereyar... http://deckbox.org/sets/72908?v=v (or use http://deckbox.org/sets/72908 is you want the straight list with hover-over pop-ups of the card images)



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