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The Tauros

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Hi I have been running a very military heavy DH game, I was wondering if anyone could help me put together stats for the Tauros that ForgeWorld released for the Elysians. I have been thinking about the Veneator variant as well. Do you think it is feasable?


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I put together some Venator rules a while back. My Acolytes never took it to battle, so I'm not sure how reasonable they are. 

Lathe-Pattern Venator Strike Vehicle

Type: Ground vehicle
Tactical Speed: 16
Cruising speed: 80
Maneuverability: 5
Structural Integrity:15
Size: Enormous
Armor: Front 18, side 16, rear 16
Crew: Driver
Carrying Capacity: 8 Soldiers with gear or equivalent cargo

Special Rules
Ground Vehicle


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